10 Insta Hiking Dudes Share Their Tips | Weekly Wanderlust #19


The experienced and inexperienced get together to share the most important hints & tips you need to become an expert “Hiking Dude”. Find out what you really need for the enjoyable hike and also about the instagramer behind the hashtag #TheGayPassport. Have a great hike!

1. When you reach the top, make sure to celebrate! Does it matter with or without clothing? 😉

Follow Juan Taganga – Colombia

2. Drink often to stay hydrated, trail mix & motivation. Don’t look what difficult just go and have fun with old & new friends!

Follow Ian High Junk Peak – Hong Kong

3. Live a healthy lifestyle & eat a big meal before you go.  Do you need to be (this) fit to hike? 😉

Follow Aziz Violet Hill – Hong Kong

4. Always bring a good map, an external phone charger & maybe sun cream or layers. These are the things you need!

Follow Rob Haleakala Crater in Maui – Hawaii

5. Get enough rest before doing outdoor activities. Have an open-mind and don’t stick to the norm 😛

Follow Atom Lion Rock – Hong Kong

6. Bring flashlight & warm clothes to put on after you’re done sweating. PS. leave all your cotton clothes at home 😉

Follow Cody Mount Arrowhead in Sitka – Alaska

7. Always know what time the sunsets and for more enjoyable hike plan a route that is suitable the whole group!

Follow Tyson Gros Piton – Saint Lucia

8. Walking stick or poles if heading down steep trails and did we mention water? Remember, we are visitors, don’t destroy the nature!

Follow Michalis Aletsch Glacier – Switzerland

9. You need to have the right equipment and supplies, like hiking shoes, sunglasses, sun cream & first aid.

Follow Rey Glacier Point – Yosemite National Park

10. Check if you need to get hiking permission before setting off! PS. don’t forget to take insta hiking shots 😉

Follow Mathew The Wave – Arizona, United States

Finally, you are now ready to be hiking dude!

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Johnny & Sebastian, New York | Inspiring Gay Dads

Gay Couple Surrogacy Inspiring Story

12 questions with a small beautiful family

The Journey to Fatherhood for One Inspiring Gay Couple / Johnny and Sebastian, New York

Becoming parents was a long time goal for both Johnny and Sebastian. The couple has been together for more than eleven years and were legally married in New York seven years ago on the first day same-sex marriage was legalized.

“If you grow up with a great family that is supportive and shows unconditional love,” says Sebastian, “naturally, that experience is something you want to pass on.” But that upbringing wasn’t really the case for both men. Johnny’s Korean parents had an immensely difficult time accepting him after he came out in high school, disowning him for a number of years due to religious beliefs and traditional cultural views. So where did this burning desire to raise a family come from?

“All those years of struggling with parents who would not accept a gay son really helped define and motivate my own desire to be a parent,” says Johnny. “I’ve long come to terms with my parents’ flaws and limited worldview. Coping with family disapproval helped me define and deeply understand how I can do a better job and it informed my strong feelings about proper parenting.

Gay-Surrogate-Story-and-Inspiration by Johnny and Sebastian

The bigger question for Johnny and Sebastian was not whether they’d have a baby but how they would go about having one.

Johnny, age 37, is a real estate broker for the largest brokerage in New York. Sebastian, age 40, is an investment banker. With 4 nieces and nephews all under the age of 3, “baby fever began to sprout in our family and we knew that it was time for us to begin the process.” For Sebastian there was no question, he wanted to try surrogacy first.  Though he was open to adoption, he just didn’t like the idea of having his life scrutinized and judged by an outside party who would subjectively determine whether he was fit to be a father. So they embarked on their surrogacy journey deliberately and after a great deal of research and consideration.

Today, Sebastian and Johnny feel blessed to have a healthy and happy seven-week-old baby boy named Vaughn Everett Barleben-Lee and one eight-year-old puppy named Joey complete their immediate family.

Johnny and Sebastian Living With Child as a Gay Couple

Their path to fatherhood actually began three years ago and launched them on an emotionally taxing and expensive journey through intense, complicated discussions focused on finding the right egg donor and then getting paired with a surrogate. They didn’t realize that what they would also had to cope with was multiple failed attempts at getting pregnant, multiple donors and two different surrogates. “Our experience, though not unique, was particularly challenging because we had to go through three different egg donors and two different surrogates, and we tried four times before we were finally able to get pregnant and have our son.”

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Johnny and Sebastian Gay Couple Relationship Goals

1. How did you meet?

We met in 2007 through mutual friends at Roxy nightclub, which is an epic club in NYC that is no longer in existence, unfortunately. “I was a one night stand!” Sebastian says laughingly. “Johnny had just broken up with an ex and I guess I was his rebound that night.” “Yes, it’s true,” says Johnny, and a few months later I happened to bump into Sebastian again and realized how much I liked him and how premature I had been. So I had to grovel and work very hard for Sebastian’s forgiveness.”

Part of the reason why we connected was because of our mutual interest in becoming parents. We were both very committed to the idea and found out that we had a lot of the same values.

Johnny and Sebastian Gay Couple Inspiration

2. How did the journey through surrogacy start?

We began researching surrogacy around the time we got married. We didn’t want to start the process right away and were committed to enjoying our lives as a married couple for at least a few years before we became parents. However, we wanted to learn as much as we could before deciding on a path to parenthood. At first, we looked into international surrogacy in places like India and Thailand, where it seemed that prices were significantly cheaper. Here in the US, we had heard that surrogacy can cost upwards of 200,000USD, which is not a small number. Unfortunately, after doing some research we learned that many of these international markets had ever-changing laws that prohibited LGBT individuals from accessing surrogacy in that country. The lack of protections for their rights and their investment convinced them that although the US was an expensive option, it was the safest and most secure alternative for them.

3. Were your families supportive of your decision to be parents?

Sebastian is an only child, raised by his mother in Germany. She has been immensely supportive of our relationship and of our desire to be parents. Johnny’s parents are much more traditional and they were not very supportive of the idea of two men raising a baby. They didn’t want a child to be brought into the world without a mother and felt uncomfortable with the idea of gay men being the sole caretakers of their grandchild. Johnny’s siblings both have children of their own, and they were very excited and happy to hear that our family would be growing.

Johnny and Sebastian Raising up a Child as a Gay Couple

4. What were your biggest concerns about raising a family?

There were a number of things we were worried about as we started this process. Of course, the uncertainty of how things might turn out and how this will change our lives was a big concern; and it’s a worry that we still carry and grapple with today. Sebastian and I have been incredibly fortunate to have built a life that is full of great people and amazing experiences. We’ve traveled to many wonderful places and have forged meaningful friendships that mean a great deal to us. But most of these friendships are with folks who do not have kids. So we worried about how this change would impact our social lives. Would we lose friends in the process? We also didn’t have any assurances as to how the surrogacy process would all turn out. There were no guarantees that surrogacy would work; therefore, we knew we were taking a gamble.

We were prepared financially, mentally and emotionally – but we had no idea if we would be good dads. But with that said, we were very excited and committed to being fathers and we knew that our love was enough to build a great home for our child.

5. Did you work with an agency? How did you pick them?

Yes, we decided to work with an agency called, Simple Surrogacy, based in Dallas Texas. We chose them after doing independent research with the help of MenHavingBabies.org

Gay Couple Surrogate Story by Johnny and Sebastian

6. How did you find your surrogate?

Simple Surrogacy did an amazing job pairing us with our surrogate. In fact, they had options for us to choose from almost immediately. We were able to interview a handful of options, and we found one that we really connected with. She was only able to work with us for two attempts at getting pregnant and then she moved to Mississippi, where the surrogacy laws are not favorable. Therefore, we had to find another surrogate after a period of time, but our agency was able to pair us with a new option right away.

Inspirative Gay Couple Story by Johnny and Sebastian

7. How did you find your donor and did you have a chance to meet her?

We found our donor through an agency as well. We actually had the misfortune of having to find numerous different donors. The reason being, we first selected a donor who produced a low number of eggs, and after they were fertilized and genetically tested for viability, we learned that we only had one embryo that was viable for transfer to our surrogate. This one embryo was transferred and did not produce a pregnancy.

Our doctor recommended that we find a new donor due to the poor outcome, so we went through the process again from scratch and found another donor. Unfortunately, the results of our second attempt were identical to the first. It took four times for us to finally find a donor who gifted us with multiple viable embryos. We transferred two and were actually pregnant with twins at first. Unfortunately, one of our embryos failed to develop after week 8, but we were fortunate to have one happy and healthy perfect little boy 9 months later.

We never had a chance to meet our donor, but we did get to speak with her. We felt that she had many of the qualities that we had hoped to find. She was smart, ambitious, pretty and most importantly she had donated eggs in the past and had produced a high yield of eggs. After our many prior failed attempts, this last trait of her successful track record was very important to us.

We were able to have an “open donation”, which means that in the future, our son will be able to look up his donor, should he ever feel the need to meet her and find out more details.

Inspiring Gay Dads Johhny and Sebastian

8. What did you learn through the process that surprised you?

We went through this process with some false preconceived ideas. Our two surrogates were not uneducated, destitute women looking to make fast money, which is what we had originally thought. We were very pleasantly surprised to learn that most surrogates are middle-income women, often with college educations and a comfortable life. Their desire to be a surrogate is born mostly out of their benevolent desire to help couples who are unable to have children. They also enjoyed being pregnant themselves, and so they want to have that experience again yet they are not looking to increase the size of their own families.

We didn’t expect to ultimately develop a bond and become friends with our surrogate, which is what ended up happening. We view our surrogate as a saint from heaven, and she was so incredibly supportive, positive and helpful throughout the entire process.

Inspiring Gay Couple Story by Johnny and Sebastian

9. What would you have done differently?

We would have selected a donor with a previous track record right from the start. In hindsight, we feel that we could have avoided many of the failed pregnancy attempts, had we chosen a bit more wisely.

10. What advice would you give to other couples or gay men looking to start a family?

The best advice I can give is- go for it! If you have the right motivation, then being a father is an amazing gift.  Whether you try surrogacy or adoption, there is no “right way”. It all depends on what works best for you and your family. Perseverance is important. Even in the best case scenario, surrogacy and adoption take a while. It’s an emotionally taxing journey. Be prepared to get drained and tired- but in the end, it will all be worth it.

The Journey to Fatherhood Gay Couple Johnny and Sebastian

11. How has life been after the birth of your baby?

Life has been amazing. We appreciate each day and each moment. Watching our son grow and develop is a gift. My husband and I have new challenges and have to make some big adjustments in our lives and in our future plans, but it’s something we do willingly and gladly. We’ve found that our friends have not turned away. In fact, they have been deeply engaged and very supportive. Our house is filled with visitors and well-wishers now. It’s a happy, chaotic but very loving environment.

12. Are you looking to have a second child?

Yes, we hope to try again this August with the same surrogate. She has agreed to work with us again.

Johnny and Sebastian Become a Parent as Gay Couple

Watch their story here 

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Changing Face of Gay Asia | 3 Guys, 3 Countries, 3 Stories

Pink Dot Top Gay Event Singapore

Your support is needed in Taiwan, Indonesia & Singapore

Searching on Google for May Day, the top results are all about the public holiday or something associated with fun. BUT May 2017 in Asia shows the different directions countries are moving in on LGBT right. Shocking news is never ending for LGBT community. We ask three local guys from Taiwan, Indonesia, and Singapore to share their opinions.

Best Gay Guide Taipei Biggest Gay Pride Asia and Gay Events
Your Travel Guide

#LoveWins Taiwan but the game is still on!!

On 24 May 2017, Taiwan has just taken a major step towards increasing rights for lesbian and gay people. The top court has ruled it is unconstitutional to ban same-sex couples from getting married and legally registering those marriages. Parliament now has two years to amend the law, or same-sex couple will be able to marry under existing laws. Sourced from BBC.

Here’s Hugo, a young local influencer’s opinion about Taiwan to become the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

#LoveWins Cutest Gay Couple Asian Guys Taiwan's Gay Marriage
Hugo (left) & Andee (right)

1.What are your thoughts on the news stories about gay marriage in Taiwan?

“I think it is a very good start. However, Taiwan is always active when it comes to political issues. We have 2 main parties which barely work together. There are 2 ways in making the law now! One is creating a special law and the other is revising the civil law. So I think we will see a lot of political debates in the coming 2 years. But the good thing is, no matter how much drama there will be, we will surely have the rights to get married after 2 years, according to the explanation that’s made by the judge.”

Courtesy of inquisitr

2. How do you feel about the future for gay rights in Taiwan?

“Gay rights in Taiwan will get better for sure. We have had gay rights events for many years. In the beginning, the participants were mainly the LGBT community. Now you can see more support from the straight people joining the event too. We see less discrimination now when coming out at school and workplaces.”

Alexdextery Local Gay Voice for Gay Marriage Taiwan
Courtesy of Alexdextery

3.Thinking about gay male tourists visiting Taiwan, should this news affect their travel plans?

“Taipei is one of the most gay-friendly cities in Asia. People here are very friendly towards the LGBT people. So you will feel truly welcomed and comfortable here.”

Best Gay Travel Guide Bali Unique Hotel Tips
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What’s happening in Indonesia? Two boys were whipped in public while gay sauna visitors are being arrested!

Last month, police in Surabaya, arrested 141 men for having a sex party in gay sauna. While still waiting if they found guilty, here is another breaking news, thousands of people witnessed the caning in Aceh. The crowd shouted insults and cheered as the men, aged 20 and 23, were whipped across the back and winced with pain. Sourced from BBC.

A voice from Safir, an Indonesian based in Bangkok, formerly working for the United Nations. Currently acting as Senior Communications Officer of APCOM, the non-profit organisation behind Test-BKK – HIV testing campaign for young gay men in Bangkok, Saigon, Manila and soon Hong Kong.

Disappearing Gay Sauna Visitors Indonesia, Gay Boys were wiped in public

1. What are your thoughts on what’s happening related to the news story above?

“I’m grieving for the victims, and I’m angry with how inhumane the Indonesian authorities are. The intrusion of privacy is clearly a human rights violation. Consensual sex, regardless what the gender is, doesn’t hurt anyone and therefore shouldn’t be punishable. In the caning case in Aceh, we saw a crowd of ignorant people watching the caning and cheering for it. We know how miserable and lowlife these people are because they get the joy out of someone else’s torture. What’s next is for every Indonesians to ask themselves: what do you achieve by making others less equal? Religion shouldn’t be a reason to justify the basic human rights violation.”

Ban Gay sex Indonesia wipe two local gay men
Courtesy of appsforpcdaily

2. How do you feel about the future for gay rights in Indonesia?

“This really is a tough question. Historically, Indonesia has been advancing its civil rights movement – in baby steps. The country has changed its politic system from dictatorship to democracy. Looking at LGBT movement retrospectively, this is a time where the visibility of LGBT people in Indonesia is getting bigger – and many Indonesians are trying to adjust to this “change.” It’s too early to predict the future of LGBT people in Indonesia now. What we know is that the conversations are happening across the country and the LGBT community activists, both local and international, are doing their best to achieve the future we want.”

Best Gay Travel Inspiration to Bali Indonesia by Biggest Asia's Gay Network
Courtesy of Nomadnordy

3.Thinking about gay male tourists visiting Indonesia, should this news affect their travel plans?

“Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands divided into 34 provinces, each with different cultural and religious influence. The answer really depends on the destination plan. Some provinces will stay being LGBT friendly, some others will stay being conservative or worse. The caution that the LGBT tourists should pack in their mind before visiting the country is that, given what has happened, the intrusion of privacy might be justified by Indonesian law enforcers – that’s a horrifying truth.”

The Most Use Gay Online Travel Guide Gay Singapore
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Foreigners are banned from Pink Dot Singapore LGBT event

Those who are not registered as residents of Singapore will not be allowed into the 1st July event. 2017 Pink Dot’s organizers were reminded by the Singapore Police Force that the current law does not distinguish between participants and observers, and regards anyone who turns up to Hong Lim Park in support of an event to be part of an assembly. Sourced from BBC.

Here’s what Dez Yeo, the Director of ElementMag, Asia’s first gay men’s high-fashion and lifestyle journal has to say about this matter.

Element Best LGBT Pink Dot Singaporean Magazine & Asia Gay News
Dez Yeo Director of ElementMag

1.What are your thoughts on what’s happening related to the news story above?

“I must say that Pink Dot Singapore has done a great job this year by raising more than $200k from more than 100 local companies after the government banned foreign involvement and sponsorship of the event. As an LGBT Singaporean, I call for all my fellow LGBT Singaporeans not to be complacent anymore and must attend this annual rally to show those bigots that we are also united.”

Pink Dot Gay Event Singapore Update 2017
Learn more about Pink Dot

2.How do you feel about the future for gay rights in Singapore?

“I hope that Sec 377a of the penal code can be removed soon. This code has definitely hindered a lot of necessary information and education for the young LGBTs living in Singapore such as safe sex. The future is positive as Pink Dot Singapore rally has been increasing in the number of participants. One day we will be able to celebrate Freedom of love in Singapore.”

Pink Dot Singapore Gay Event Hong Lim Park Breaking News
Learn more about Pink Dot

3.Thinking about gay male tourists visiting Singapore, should this news affect their travel plans?

“Definitely! I personally think LGBT tourism will stay status quo in Singapore. However, I believe with the new legislation from Taiwan, the LGBT tourism will boom further. There is finally an option for LGBTs to get married within Asia.”

Thanks to our amazing contributors Hugo, Safir and Dez Yeo.

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Afif, Singapore | Bachelor of the Week

21 Questions with Bachelor of the Week

April is coming, it’s time to explore the best places in Singapore and meet a hot guy named Afif. He spoke up about his coming out story with his traditional family and how they accepted him as a gay son. Find out more about his little secret and personal life in this fun interview. Don’t forget to share your thought with us in a comment!

“Hi all, I was born in the Sunny Island, Singapore. I received a lot of comments and questions from people asking if I was born a Chinese. I am raised in a traditional Singaporean Malay family. My mum was raised a Chinese-Malay and my dad is half-Dutch, it is confusing, I know.

I am 24 years old this year and currently working to finance myself for my Uni education (Yes, mum refuses to pay them!). Apart from cafe hopping, I enjoy photography and during free times, I will go on long hikes and working out with friends.”

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Afif Gay Bachelor of The Week
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1. Living in?

Tiny little red dot

2. From?


3. Profession?

Admin Executive

Hot Instagramer Asian Man Selfie
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Hottest Gay Instagramer Selfie Singapore Man
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4. Three apps which you are addicted to?

Instagram, Netflix, and Jack’d

5. Favorite part of your body?

My tongue, I can do cool tricks with it.

6. Which part of a hot guy catches your eye the most?

Nice sculpted chest

Summer Holiday Gay Hot Spot Asia
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Gay Nightlife Singapore Guide
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7. Three things which will get you into bed?

Chest big enough to drown my face in, sweet talks and good set of family jewels

8. Your weirdest turn on?

Pre-cums, because of they are yummy

9. The strangest place you have done it?

Hmm … at the other person’s place but in his dead grandmother’s bedroom (I am dead serious, no pun intended).

Best Gay Beach and Party Guide Singapore
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Hot Selfie Gay Instagram Guy
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10. Three qualities in your perfect boyfriend?

Ambitious, sincere and emotionally open

11. Dealbreaker (Something he does which prevents you dating him)?

Bad breath (Active smokers stay away)

12. How long have you been single?

2 – 3 years

Summer Gay Beach Singapore
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Gay Beach Holiday Guide
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13. Three reasons to visit?

1. Local boys,
2. Those amazing places of attractions and of course,
3. The food! You can never go wrong with it. You should try the Sambal Stingray, Nasi Lemak (Yes, it’s Malaysian, I think we own this dish) and Chilli Crab served with Piping Hot Mantao.

14. When is the best time to visit?

Anytime, in fact, Singapore is amazing all year around. There will always be things to do here.

15. What’s your recommended must-do attraction?

You should go food hopping from hawker centre to another centre, you can get cheap yet really good local food, Marina Bay Sands for the would’s largest infinity pool and Gardens by the Bay.

Wanderlust Gay Solo Traveler Singapore
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Gorgeous Asian Gay Guys on Instagram & their travel tips
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16. Favorite night to party?

We party hard on Fridays and harder on Saturdays! But I only party if I don’t have to work the next day.

17. Where would you go?

If I’m not in PEACHES, I will be in TANTRIC or anywhere along Neil Rd. If not any of them, I will be at home preparing for work the next day (we Singaporean work too much.)

18. What’s special about it?

There are a huge stretch of bars and clubs for you to choose from. You can be with your friends and get to be comfortable being yourself without having anyone staring at you for behaving a certain maner.


Hot Singapore Man Selfie
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Beach Body Singapore Gay Travel Guide
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19. Which neighborhood is best to stay in?

Anywhere around the city area: Cityhall, Raffles Place, and Chinatown.

20. What’s special about that neighborhood?

You are centralized to most of the attractions in Singapore. Clubs are around these area too.

21. If you were a tourist visiting which hotel would you stay in?

It’s a tough one! I would strongly recommend SO Sofitel Singapore.

Compare prices of the best gay-friendly hotels in SINGAPORE HERE!

Luxury Life Style gay Travel Advice
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Afif on coming out & life as a gay man:

“Coming from a very traditional family, it was rather tough coming out to anyone as a gay man. I came out 5 years ago to a group of close friends and I could never feel any better knowing that they accepted me with open arms and it was very liberating. I feel much comfortable being able to share personal relationship problems and you know they will always be there for you when you need them emotionally. I have not gotten to see an opportunity to come out to my family. It was recently that I was forced to come out to my sister because she got her gay friend to spied on me. She laid down the receipts and it was a point of no-return for me, I had to come out to her. It was rather an emotional phase knowing that she has her back turned against me for being gay and she insisted I get closer to god to seek help. The fact that she thinks that sexuality is a choice is rather jarring.

Life has changed ever since I feel more confident with myself. I am able to lift these weights off my shoulders knowing that I can now be comfortable in my own skin, I live a happier life and it has opened up to more opportunities since. Since coming out, I was able to make more friends and meet new people without having to be chary.

I am currently working hand in hand with Action For Aids Singapore to raise awareness on the value of having safe sex, simultaneously advocating the community the importance of getting yourself tested regularly. Being confident in my own skin has opened up the opportunities, one of which being photographed by @iom.sg for The Jock Shop.

Gay Travel Tips Singapore

There are definitely difficulties to being a gay man in Singapore, the Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore is said to criminalise sex between same consenting adult men and the government has said to have no plans on repealing this piece of legislation Or at least not anytime soon.

(This is actually weird) Being the vocal person that I am, I recently opened up on Social Media to my dissatisfaction and vexation about how the community is so segregated, given that we are already a minority. Part of the gay lifestyle that I scorn would be the fact that we find glory in bringing each other’s down. There and then, we get unhappy by the label of “All gays are bitchy.”.

It is at the same time very hypocritical how I preach about creating harmony within this already segregated society, yet I got myself into an unnecessary drama that I could have avoided if not for my rash decisions that I made recently with tearing down someone via the Instagram Story. I came to realize this audacious act came with so much consequences and repercussions, not only was I being ungracious to Him as an individual but it reflected badly of me as a person to the followers. It was definitely a lesson learnt.

Being gay is easy! You simply live your life like a normal man. My favorite part of being a gay man has to be the fact that blowjobs from a woman are not worthy of comparison to a blowjobs given from a man. Yes, we do everything better in terms of the sex.”

Adventure Travel Gay Beach guide
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InstaPerfect Couple | Argentino & Elvin, Singapore

Super Cute Instagram Gay Couple Nono and Elvin

17 Questions with an adorable (ridiculously hot) gay couple

We’ve been lucky enough to get an intimate glimpse of their cute and sexy everyday moments in our new article. And of course, the whole point is to share it with you. It’s all about the relationship of the hottest gay couples on Instagram who will quench your daily thirst. We will say no more, but let your eyes savour the love below.

Nono and Elvin Hottest Mirror Selfie Gay Couple on Instagram
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Elvin [Left] from Singapore and Argentino [Right] from Indonesia, They’ve been living together in Singapore for nearly 2 years. Argentino is a tech-guy and currently an Account Director in an online digital marketing company specializing in the technology industry. While Elvin has always been a pharmaceutical quality control microbiologist, he’s currently a Quality Control Manager for Microbiology at a multinational pharmaceutical company.

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Gay Romantic and Healthy Lifestyle
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Get Closer

1. One more time, “HOW” did you two first meet?
We met through Facebook in 2014.
Argentino: I sent a friend request to Elvin, but he never accepts the invitation for 6 months.
Elvin: I used to not accept a friend request from random people I do not know.
Argentino: I did not give up and kept adding him back until he accepted the friend request.
Elvin: I thought, this guy is quite handsome, he added me so maybe I should accept and see what happens. Then we started chatting through Facebook and arranging dinner together. After 1 year, we started going to the gym together and decided to date at the end of 2015. We finally got attached in January 2016.

2. One thing that you don’t have in common that drives you nuts?
Argentino: Elvin is OCD when it comes to managing his finances as he keeps a spreadsheet on categorizing what we spend on every month.
Elvin: Argentino is an uncontrollable spender, he goes shopping during lunch. It drove us nuts at the very beginning but now we complement one another. I manage the finances while he makes sure we have nice clothes and shoes to wear (lol).

Gay Couple Instagram Nono Elvin Honeymoon
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3. Your favorite part of each other?
 His manly chest hair (haha).
Elvin: His smile is so charming.

4. The cutest thing you have done for each other?
Argentino: During the 2016 White Party Bangkok, while we were still dating, he piggy-backed (tired) me from the party door to the taxi.
Elvin: He brought me some medicine and fruit juice to my house up to the North when I was sick during his working hours.

Gay Beach with Hottest Men swim wear
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5. Recall some of your thirstiest DM?
I remember we always share hot guy’s IG pic and profile together on DM and we are still doing that until now.
Elvin: I seldom get thirsty messages, but I got a DM asking me to do “woof woof” style, together with d*** pics. I thought you only get those on Grindr, lol.

6. Your favorite couples to follow on Instagram?
 @francescorome & @danipallo + @bibbideg & @giangideg
Elvin: @adamdpate & @bernardoverspermann, their travel together is what I aspire with my sayang (my love in Bahasa). Oh!, also our favorite porn stars (role model) @diego.lauzenrodrigues & @wagner_vittoria.

Gay Life and Couple Singapore
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7. Your opinions of open-relationship?
I am pretty open to the idea. But I think the most important is to set the expectation right with your partner first. However, I am a true believer that every relationship shouldn’t start with an open relationship until you have a strong fundamental with each other.
Elvin: I think an open relationship may or may not be the evolution of a long-lasting relationship. For open relationships to work, the foundation of the relationship must be strong and stable. There must be openness, communication, understanding, expectation and mutual respect for it not to be broken by being open. There is no right or wrong, those are societal constructs. What important is that two people in the relationship want and how they want to make it work.

8. Long-distance relationship, could you guys make it work?
Not for me. But if both parties have the same direction on what they want to do in the future – then why not. Also, the point of being together is to build our future together, and it is hard to do when you are in a long-distance relationship.
Elvin: I prefer not to – even a week on a business trip and I miss him so much already. But I am a firm believer that life comes first. If an overseas assignment for either of us will make life in future better, then it is something I am willing to make it work.

9. Would you like to have children in the future?
Not for me. But curious to see how my children will look like so I am not sure how this thing works.
Elvin: Not at the moment. But people’s needs, wants and desires change over time, so who knows?

Cutest Gay Asian Couple Nono and Elvin
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Travel Goals

10. Top three holiday destinations you want to go together?
New Zealand
 – We love driving during our travel trip, so we are thinking to drive campervans and stay in the van, get lost, and experience nature and spend quality time together as partners.
South America – To witness nature at its best: standing in awe of Machu Picchu (Peru), playing with perspective at Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia salt flats), marveling at the stature of the Angel Falls (Venezuela) and flying over the spectacular Mount Roraima.
The Balkans – Long history and culture, beautiful architecture, something we want to explore. The region has a mixed scenery with many tall mountain ranges, as well as deep forests, plains, and rivers.

11. Has your travel style changed now you’re a couple?
Since I am a foodie, I spend most of the time searching for where to eat. I spend most of my money on the food. But Elvin loves nature, so sometimes we have to balance it to have a great holiday together.
Elvin: I’m nature and culture person. I can spend hours in a museum. I went on nearly a 15km hike up and down Bondi and South Congee while he was working. I can spend a day hiking but now I do lesser hikes trying to balance our holiday with just the right amount of nature and feasting.

Gay Love and Lifestyle Nono and Elvin
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Inspirations of Coming-out

12. Experience of coming out as gay?
Coming from a small town in Indonesia – I was feeling the fear. I was worried about many things, especially in families and social acceptance. But I felt so much better right now and even received tons of support from my friends, society, and colleagues. Coming out is not a crime, and we can still be successful in life, whoever we are.
Elvin: It was emotional. I remembered crying every night, beating myself for being different. I even ran away from home for a month for feeling like a disappointment. And then I came out to my sister. She was very supportive and made me feel like I wasn’t a failure. Being gay isn’t wrong, isn’t a crime, doesn’t make you a failure. Now my siblings know, and some of my cousins, but not my parents. I plan to tell them one day and bring Argentino to my parents.

13. Has your life changed since you came out?
Not really, but I just feel no more burden in my life. And I can focus more other positive things in life such as build the relationship and future together with Elvin, focus on career and be successful.
Elvin: I feel light, and feel like I can be myself. I have more gay friends now, people whom I can talk just about anything. But it hasn’t really changed me fundamentally – I still the same person, work hard to have a good career, quiet and slightly introverted.

Best Gay Party Guide and Gay Relationship on IG
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Life as a Gay Couple

14. Support from your friends and family to your relationship?
yes they are and I am so thankful to have great positive friends and family surround me who have been supportive of our relationship. And most of them have been asking us when we are going to get married.
Elvin: yes my friends, my siblings and my cousins have all been supportive.

15. Any (extra) challenges of being in a gay relationship compared to straight relationships?
The only challenge that I can think of is society, I really hope there is always an equal opportunity for gay couples to be accepted and have the same rights, like buying property and being able to be protected by the law as a couple.
Elvin: Yes, we are not protected by the law, so we need to make provisions for our future differently from straight couples. We need to buy property under our names, we need to have a will, we need retirement income and figure out a way to live in our twilight years with no children to take care of us.

Best Gay Party and Event by Local Gay Couple
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Love is Love

16. Difficult parts of being in a gay relationship in your city?
I think the society is still conservative here although it is changing gradually. However, we respect that as long as we have space to live here and there is no discrimination towards gay couples.
Elvin: Yes, the law, but that’s about it. Otherwise, we don’t face outward discrimination and violence as others would have experienced in another country. Singapore is conservative, but most people are tolerant and/or ignorant/apathetic towards homosexuality in Singapore. Only a loud minority together with the government are the ones making the noise and causing all the disharmony.

17. Favorite parts of being in a gay relationship?
We are almost sharing things together including clothes, underwear, and even our bank account to build our future together. We can be brother, boyfriend, husband, holiday partner and gym buddy at the same time. Best decision that I made in my life, and no regret.
Elvin: Yes! There are many benefits to a gay relationship. Unlike heterosexual couples, we can understand one another better, emotionally, psychologically and physiologically. We don’t need to interpret another gender. We can share clothes, we can walk around naked in front of each other. We can watch porn together (lol). We can experience the pleasure of giving and receiving, and one more thing – we can drooling together looking at hot guys *wink*

Hot Gay Couple on Instagram Argentino & Elvin
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Guy, Bangkok | Bachelor of the Week

Hot Asian Guy Bachelor of the Week Gay Bangkok

21 Questions with Bachelor of the Week

Bangkok boasts some of the best when it comes to catering to the rainbow crowd. We will let the man with respectable abs, half Thai-Chinese tell you more about his city plus his beach body pics inside. Including some gay stuff and his personal life outside the closet. Enjoy it!

“Hi all, I am TBC (Thai Born Chinese). After attending school and university in Thailand, I continued my post-graduate studies in the U.K. from the universities of Manchester and Aberdeen. I speak Thai, English and little Mandarin. I am a free spirited person. I always do whatever I want to do as long as I think it’s alright and nobody will get hurt by my actions. I love traveling, but most of the places I want to visit should have both nature and civilization. I can confidently say that I have visited more islands than most people. Ultimately, I consider myself a very positive person (maybe a bit too much as this outlook on life can cause me to be a naive person – so they say haha). ?”

Follow Guy @pharpatara

Secret Gay Beach Thailand
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1. Living in?


2. From?


3. Profession?

Former lawyer, now GM of Pharmaceutical Company

Hot Instagramer Asian Man Selfie
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Hottest Gay Instagramer Selfie Thai Man
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4. Three apps which you are addicted to?

Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest

5. Favorite part of your body?

My eyes ?

6. Which part of a hot guy catches your eye the most?

Sexy body that suits the face

Gay Nightlife Thailand Guide
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Summer Holiday Gay Hot Spot Asia
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7. Three things which will get you into bed?

Pretty face, body and it has to be the right moment ?‍♂

8. Your weirdest turn on?

Manly sexy moaning sound looooooooool

9. The strangest place you have done it?

Well..that’s a secret! ?

Best Gay Beach and Party Guide Bangkok
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Hot Selfie Gay Instagram Guy
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10. Three qualities in your perfect boyfriend?

Good looking (I guess that’s pretty common), good heart and good in bed ??

11. Dealbreaker (Something he does which prevents you dating him)?

Mean guy

12. How long have you been single?

Since April

Gay Beach Phi Phi Island Guide
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Summer Gay Beach Thailand
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13. Three reasons to visit?

It has to be the culture, people and of course the food. the dish I love and you must try is Tom kha kai or Thai coconut soup ?

14. When is the best time to visit?

Dec – Jan, I like winter since it is not too hot (even though it is super short time as you may know what Bangkok’s winter is like)

15. What’s your recommended must-do attraction?

Grand Palace (Bangkok), Ancient Siam (The world’s largest outdoor museum, only 30 mins drive from Bangkok) and Siam area (Center of civilization)

Wanderlust Gay Solo Traveler Thailand
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Gorgeous Asian Gay Guys on Instagram & their travel tips
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16. Favorite night to party?

Sunday night because it is busy but not too busy

17. Where would you go?

Maggie Choo

18. What’s special about it?

The best drag show (PanPan and her crew) in such a cool venue and perfect atmosphere

Hot Thai Man Selfie Nupan
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Beach Body Thailand Gay Travel Guide
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19. Which neighborhood is best to stay in?

Sathorn or Silom

20. What’s special about that neighborhood?

Easy access to everywhere in the city both daytime and nighttime

21. If you were a tourist visiting which hotel would you stay in?

So Sofitel Bangkok

Compare prices of the best gay-friendly hotels in Bangkok HERE!

Luxury Life Style gay Travel Advice
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Guy on coming out & life as a gay man:

“I knew that I liked boys from a very young age, but I knew very little about it – other than that I should be liking girls just like my younger brother does. This caused me to have an identity crisis but fortunately, over time, I eventually started to accept myself more and more and finally allowed myself to be true to myself and above all happy.

For me, being gay or straight isn’t much different since we all live in the same world. We are all different in some way and face the same or similar problems.

Gay life in Bangkok can be tough or relaxing depending on your background, level of education, fame or standing in society and even your family name. In general, Thai people are very accepting people and don’t mind people who are different such as gay people. I think this has something to do with the older gay generation that made the gay image good in the eyes of Thai people and we owe them big thanks for that.

Wanderlust Gay Asia Travel Guide
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The most difficult part of being gay for me is maintaining a lasting relationship. Hooking up and seeing someone on a regular basis is rather easy in a big city such as Bangkok, but maintaining a relationship is a completely different story. Basically, for me, talking to people is just like reading a new book and wanting to find out what stands on the next page, the next chapter, the next volume. Fortunately, people are better than books because it is more realistic. I find myself lucky that I always find good books and even though in the end often could not finish it. But the books I don’t finish I don’t throw away. I put them in my library in the hope that one day I can continue the new Chapter.

Believe me. I have screwed up many times! I have learned from my last relationship that being honest is one of the most important parts of the relationship. The bitter truth is always better than a sweet lie. Understanding and trust are important too. I was told that I treat love like a comic book, but this is simply not true. I know that I am not a bestseller book either – or at least that the first few chapters of my life may not be an easy read for some. But I do know that I learn from my mistakes and I am working on perfecting the chapters to come even though we know that there is no perfection.”

Adventure Travel Gay Beach guide
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Now, it’s time to start prepping for your holiday, we provided some tips for you right here. It is important for us to know your thoughts/comments about this article, please let us know below. Thank you for your continued support, share if you like it.

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11 Cutest Instagram Gay Couples | Valentine’s Day Romance

Gay Couple on Instagram & Their Valentine's Day Activities

Get Ready For A Seriously Cheesy Valentine’s Day!

Finally, the day has arrived! Some people love it, many hate it but it’s here anyway. We have got your fix of cute gay couples! If your Instagram feeds needs some more romance to balance out the 6-pack gym selfies then start following these jet-setting adorable couples.

Valentine Couple Gay Influencer Ron & Danny Singapore (1)
Follow Danny & Ron

1. Danny & Ron – Just For Fun

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We actually have no intention of joining because we both have different audiences. 🙂
First Met? We met in TABOO, Singapore most popular dance gay club in Nov 2014.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We will definitely be visiting Bali, Japan & Boracay.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Spending time together (staycation), gym and a romantic candlelight dinner! 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
There are the best and the must go! ZoukOut in Singapore, White Party and gCircuit Songkran party in Bangkok, Thailand.

Rissieri & Petros #petrissi Insta Gay Couple Instagram Valentine's Day London (3)
Follow Rissieri & Petros

2. Rissieri & Petros –  Travel, Happiness & lighting

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We thought about it, but we both have so much from our lives that we love to share, so we set up the hashtag #petrissi 😉
First Met? We met in Dec 2008 internet dating and our first date was in a coffee shop. lol
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We are heading to  Vietnam and Thailand next month. Plus we would love to visit Seychelles and Fiji.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Cooking class is fun, the boat ride to relax and dine on a private beach would be lovely. 
Top 3 Parties?
NYE in Rio, Carnival in Salvador and Halloween in NYC are our top!

Andee & Hugo Gay Taiwan & Singpaore
Follow Andee & Hugo

3. Andee & Hugo – Love, Food & Travel

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? Well, we do have a hashtag now, #HugoDee! As for the joint account, that might be a good idea especially since we always take so many pictures and videos every time we are out.
First Met? We first met at the Singapore National Gallery on 1st of January 2017, when Hugo came for a vacation (from Taiwan). It was love at first sight! We love our chemistry, there wasn’t a moment of awkwardness. It’s still very sweet thinking back on that day 😉
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Miami, Phi Phi Island, and El Nido Palawan. Hopefully, it won’t be all just a “dream” – we’ll make them happen for sure! Then we can update you guys with the amazing pictures!
Ideal Valentine’s Day? We’ll be skyping the night away as we won’t be together. But these what we will do! Exploring & eating good food, cooking & whipping up a good meal and cuddling in bed. We are all about food, aren’t we?
Top 3 Parties? To be honest, we aren’t a fan of parties. That’s what we have in common too! We would really prefer spending time at a nice cafe/traveling/strolling in a park/and maybe in bed watching Netflix and spending quality time 🙂

Gay Romance Valentine's Day Instagram Dion & Craig Australia
Follow Craig & Dion

4. Craig & Dion – Networking, Friends & Inspiration

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? It works for some people and there are a few successful joint Instagramers – but it’s not for us.
First Met? We were introduced by a mutual friend and stayed in contact for a long time before we eventually decided to go on a date 5 months ago. 🙂 🙂
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We would love to go to Japan, Maldives & Greece
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Have a beautiful breakfast together. Watch the sunset with a cheese platter and a bottle of wine. Lastly, a quiet night in watching a nice movie on the couch, cuddled up together. 
Top 3 Parties? 
Mardi Gras After Party, I Remember House and Halloween party. All three have been in Sydney!

Lok Man & Guillaume Bananaeggshake Gay Married Romance Valentine's Day (1)
Follow Guillaume & Lok Man

5. Guillaume & Lok Man – Energising, Social, Share

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We love joint account that we are having now as @bananaeggshake. It gives us the ability to share our day to day and love with people around the world, also to meet interesting folks.
First Met? Back in 2009, in a nightclub in Hong Kong, Guillaume was a tourist. It was mutual love at first sight, we danced together and kissed.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Maldives (we had our honeymoon there), Bali and Greece.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Great food, great wine, and cuddles 😉 😉
Best 3 Parties?
Songkran Bangkok (water fight), junk-boat parties and last but not least the party where we met in 2009.

Expert Local Gay Asian Couple Instagram on Valentine's Day (1)
Follow Adrian & Son

6. Adrian & Son – Creative, Self Expression & Colorful

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We actually already have one, it’s @away.we.wow where we post pictures of places we have been to. It’s a fantastic way to express our love for traveling, learning new things and trying new food.
First Met? We met at a birthday party when I just moved back from the States to Vietnam in 2011. One of my high school sweethearts ended up to be a really close friend with Adrian.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Iceland, Cuba, and Maldives.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Having a great dinner, a good movie and… Sex 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
We like to travel more than going to parties, so, to be honest, this is a really tough question to answer. We both agreed that going to Songkran festival in BKK is really amazing!

Gay Influencers on Instagram Matt & Taylor Sydney
Follow Matt & Taylor

7. Matt & Taylor – Fun, Vibrant & Energetic

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We have thought about it, but individual accounts are fun, we get to put photos up of each other and followers can go on each of our pages to see our journey through different eyes.
First Met? We met at our local cafe, almost 2 years ago. I noticed his cute smile and vibrant energy while I was grabbing a quick bite. I later commented on his photo on Instagram because we had the same meal, we had coffee dates for about a month, which turned into dinner dates, the rest is history.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Sailing through Croatia, Maldives or the Greek Islands.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? A couples massage! I know that sounds cheesy but it’s nice! A nice dinner somewhere (Taylor is organising this year) and spend time relaxing with our puppy.
Top 3 Parties? 
Parties at the snowfields in Canada were amazing, a weekend at Madrid Gras and New York City birthday celebrations.

Ken & Richmond Insta Gay Couple on Valentine's Day (1)
Follow Ken & Richmond

8. Ken & Richmond – Travel, Fashion & Adventure

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? As much as we are in love and married, we still keep a little bit of privacy and still have our individual relationships with other people.
First Met? We met through a friend of ours while partying in May 2015 in Boracay Island in the Philippines.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We would like to visit places we’ve both never been together before, such as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Capetown in South Africa and Reykjavik in Iceland.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Hit the beach, F***  and then have a nice romantic dinner. 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
StereoSonic music festival in Sydney Australia, Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand, and Circuit Party in Barcelona, Spain. Love it!

Neil & Jean Instagram Gay Couple on Valentine's Day (2)
Follow NeilJean François

9. Neil & Jean François – Holidays, Parties & Friends

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We’ve never actually thought about it – since we don’t live together it’s maybe a bit more complicated. Maybe once we’re living in the same city and once we get a cat …that will be the moment for a joint account haha 😛
First Met? We first met in the Netherlands in 2015. I (Neil) was living there and like all 21st-century romances, we met through a dating app. JF lives in Paris but had a friend in the Netherlands. One weekend I came to visit and so we met up and well the rest is history. 🙂
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Hawaii, New Zealand, and Argentina. We like active holidays so even a honeymoon would be like that for us. 😉
Ideal Valentine’s Day? We won’t be together this Valentine I’m living in Scotland this year since I’m gone back to Uni for a year. If we are together in Paris then for sure a nice romantic meal, followed by a romantic stroll along the Seine. Then come home to the sofa and snuggle up with a movie.
Top 3 Parties?
Sagi Kariv closing party (Forever Tel Aviv) at la Riviera 2016 Madrid Razzmatazz Barcelona Sagi Kariv – (Circuit festival) 2016 Rio Carnival pool party (Revolution) 2013.

Local Gay Influencer Philippines Stef & Mike
Follow Mike & Stef

10. Mike & Stef – My Favorite App!

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? I think based on Instagram, it’s best we do our own. We’re different people and definitely respect that. We would prefer a joint vblog account.
First Met? We met at Stef’s 18th birthday in Oct. 2014 (I crashed it haha).
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Indonesia, Japan, and Greece. I would definitely LOVE to take Stef to Greece someday! That would be more than a goal! (Also Iceland and India)
Ideal Valentine’s Day? We’re going to Waterpark, movie to cap off the night and coffee, then enjoy an evening together for Valentine’s Day, we’re really easy to please!
Top 3 Parties? 
The road to Ultra, Lovedance 2015 (Stef passed out hahaha) and Stef’s birthday I guess coz of where/how we met. (We don’t go out a lot but when we do it’s intense).

Local Gay European Influencer Instagram Karl & Daan Amsterdam & Berlin
Follow Karl & Daan

11. Karl & Daan – Best Travel Diary

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We have a joint account as @coupleofmen to show our followers the world. We travel together as an openly gay couple to find the best places to stay and things to experience while exploring the world. Nothing better than having a joint account where both contribute the best ideas. 🙂
First Met? We met at a gay party in Berlin. I (Karl) was living in Berlin back then, Daan was visiting for a week from Amsterdam, it was love on the first sight. 
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? 
It’s a difficult question! It could be Japan again (we loved it last time we were there), New Zealand and then Chile. We love to stay in wellness & spa resorts in the middle of the forest or close to nature. Nothing better than wake up with breakfast in a private pool over the view of the endless green.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? A day with spa & massage, yummy & healthy cuisine, and then sleeping together without setting an alarm. Most importantly, we wanna spend some time together with our appointments. 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
One week on a gay cruise with la demence, it was non stop party on a cruise ship. Tel Aviv the final pride party by Offer Nissim, and Rapido in Amsterdam.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Happy Valentine's Day Gay Couple Instagram
Courtesy of giphy.com

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Dawn, Hong Kong | Bachelor of the Week

Best Gay Guide Hong Kong 2018

21 Questions with Bachelor of the Week

If a little eye candy is what gets you motivated to travel, so be it! It’s time to explore HK holidays and discover the best time and places to visit with this cute local guy. We know many of you may have the same top-secret as Dawn, find out what that is below. Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in a comment.

“Hi all, for me, traveling is what makes a person not so close-minded, and be more embracing and joyful towards life. I used to live in Romania, it’s not many people’s travel bucket-list but it’s a place full of interesting food and architects. I love music and arts in general. I’ve been spending my whole life in vocal training, dancing, and drama. I was also once the rowing team of my university. I love water sports like canoeing, windsurfing, and swimming of coz. I studied my bachelor in Occupational Therapy at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and I’m currently doing my master program in California.”

Follow Dawn @dawn.faith

Hot Asian Man Hong Kong Dawn
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1. Living in?

Los Angeles

2. From?

Hong Kong

3. Profession?

Occupational therapist

Hot Asian Man Dawn Hong Kong
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Follow Dawn


4. Three apps which you are addicted to?

Instagram, Spotify & Lightroom

5. Favorite part of your body?

The mole back on my ears. In our culture, it signifies intelligence ?

6. Which part of a hot guy catches your eye the most?

Probably their eyes – the window of the soul ?

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Gay Holiday Guide Hong Kong Island
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7. Three things which will get you into bed?

Emotional attachment, little bit of wine to spice it up ?? and that could lead to Relationship (who knows)

8. Your weirdest turn on?

Listening to the live performance of BEYONCÉ lol

9. The strangest place you have done it?

mmm…in a park ?

Asia's best Gay Travel Guide Hong Kong
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10. Three qualities in your perfect boyfriend?

Caring, ambitious, and selfless

11. Dealbreaker (Something he does which prevents you dating him)?

?‍♂ I don’t have one lol

12. How long have you been single?

Quite recently

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Best Gay Beach Guide Hong Kong
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13. Three reasons to visit?

The best place for shopping, amazing hiking spots, and you definitely have to go to DimDimSum for the best dim-sum in Kawloon.

14. When is the best time to visit?

Hong Kong is essentially a year-round holiday destination. Peak season for tourism is October-December, as well as Lunar New Year (late January or early February).

15. What’s your recommended must-do attraction?

Victoria Peak for HK’s best view point, chilling at Victoria Harbour between HK Island and Kowloon on the mainland, and of course Ocean Park ?

Best Gay Lifestyle Guide Hong Kong
Follow Dawn
Follow Dawn


16. Favorite night to party?

Saturday night is the best

17. Where would you go?

Lan Kwai Fong

18. What’s special about it?

Clusters of bars & clubs, perfect and convenient for bar-hopping

Best Gay Guide Hong Kong
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Useful Gay Travel Guide Local Hong Kong
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19. Which neighborhood is best to stay in?

Tsim Sha Tsui, it’s a shopping and nightlife district in Kowloon

20. What’s special about that neighborhood?

Many local shops along Nathan Road, hit Canton Road if you’re seeking luxury malls, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade on Victoria Harbour is a popular spot to appreciate HK’s skyline views. It’s also convenient to cross over by ferry to HK island too.

21. If you were a tourist visiting which hotel would you stay in?

Check out The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers as it’s located in such a convenient spot to see and visit places.

Compare prices of the best gay-friendly hotels in Hong Kong HERE!

Best Gay Friendly Hotel Hong Kong
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Dawn – life as a gay man:

“I am more open up to my friends and it brought our friendship to another level as I’m still in the closet, only my close friends know about my sexual proclivity.

People are still mostly conservative. Being in a crowded city, it hardly not bumps into friends or people u may know every day. Rumours and gossips can be so easily circulated. It can be really absurd and sometimes hard-feelings provoking. After all, it depends on your mentality towards being homosexual.

There’s nothing of gay lifestyle that I dislike such as parties, saunas, gay dating apps. It’s not about the places or the apps. It’s more about the people, however, I think to be able to be versatile in life (being artistic and sentimental at the same time being logical and analytical) is my favorite part of being gay and living a gay lifestyle, you should too.”

Dawn Bachelor of the week Hong Kong
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If Hong Kong is on your bucket list, see our reviews here. It is important for us to know your thoughts/comments about this article, please let us know below. Thank you for your continued support, share if you like it.

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Minky, Seoul | Bachelor of the Week

Minky Lee Bachelor of the Week Gay Seoul

21 Questions with Bachelor of the Week

New Year is here and if you’re looking to get fit as one of your resolutions we have found the perfect personal trainer for you. We’re giving you another hot Instagram account and we’re sure that it will heat up your day a little. How hot? Well, you better check it out now.

“Hi all, I’m a Minsu from Seoul. Normally all my friends call me Minky, it’s my nickname. I worked as a nail-art designer for 5 yrs. I enjoy weight training and now I prepare to get a new job as Personal Trainer. I also like cooking a healthy meal myself. Hope I will improve it so I can cook for someone special and also for my friends.”

Follow Minky @minky.l

Hot Asian Man Minky Gay Seoul
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1. Living in?


2. From?

South Korea

3. Profession?

Nail art desinger ?

Hot Asian Guy and Their Pet Minky Seoul
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Minsu Lee Bachelor of the Week Korean Boy
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4. Three apps which you are addicted to?

Instagram, Facebook
& KakaoTalk

5. Favorite part of your body?

My butt & shoulders

6. Which part of a hot guy catches your eye the most?

His abs & strong legs

Hot Nerdy Asian Guy Minky
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Hot Muscle Korean Boy Minsu Lee
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7. Three things which will get you into bed?

Those strong thighs, fit looking guy wearing formal look and his rounded apple butt ?

8. Your weirdest turn on?

Black sexy brief

9. The strangest place you have done it?

mmm…nothing yet ?

Gay Lifestyle Must visit places in Seoul
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Hot K Pop Single Man Minsu Lee
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10. Three qualities in your perfect boyfriend?

Sweetheart, smart, and sexy

11. Dealbreaker (Something he does which prevents you dating him)?

Some bad-smelling ?

12. How long have you been single?

Nearly 1 year now

Online Gay Travel Guide by Local Traveler Minsu Lee
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Hot Korean Instagramer Minsu
Follow Minky


13. Three reasons to visit?

Beautiful sights and streets, gorgeous looking Korean guyz, kindfully smiling people and incredible delicious and authentic Bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef), it’s fun to eat with friends and family.

14. When is the best time to visit?

Between March and April, spring is a result of the warmth, refreshing air, clear sky and beautiful flowers ??

15. What’s your recommended must-do attraction?

Sightseeing Korean’s traditional streets, Deoksugung Palace is famous for its elegant stone-wall road, and drink some oriental teas at Ogada Cafe

Hot Asian go go dancer in Seoul Minky Lee
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Gay Nightlife Seoul and Travel Advice
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16. Favorite night to party?

Fri and Sat

17. Where would you go?


18. What’s special about it?

Itaewon is the main gay hot spot in Seoul where local and hot expat guyz are hanging out on the weekends, also where you can clubs and bars hopping. Keep in mind, many bars/clubs are close during week-days.

Hottest Selfie Korean Boy Minsu Lee
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Best Gay Friendly Hotel in Seoul
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19. Which neighborhood is best to stay in?

Gangnam or Myeong-dong

20. What’s special about that neighborhood?

Convenient to get around, not far to Itaewon (gay town), plenty of shopping malls and qualified restaurants to dine.

21. If you were a tourist visiting which hotel would you stay in?

JW Marriott Dongdaemun for modern, high-end hotel in the premier shopping districtand and right next to a subway station. Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel if you like to stay near public transit & the airport.

Compare prices of the best gay-friendly hotels in Seoul HERE!

Hot Asian Guy Minky Lee and Gay Advice in Seoul
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Live from WHITE PARTY BANGKOK | Hot Guys Countdown to 2018

Gay Bangkok White Party 2018

We hope you’re ready for more! Here are 18 party pics from this year to help you get ready for the new year countdown, let’s start!

18. It’s the final night of WHITE PARTY BANGKOK.

Hot Asian Gay Couple
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17. Start getting ready now, the party will start in a few hours.

Hot Instagram Gay Couple
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16. Another night to get some free shit from these hotties

Adorable Asian Guy and Goodies
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15. And your last chance to get some photos for your Instagram!

Hot Thai Men Gay Party Guide
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14. Everybody will be wearing white/nude

White Party Bangkok 2018
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13. Seriously, everyone

Adorable Asian Gay Couple
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12. Even this guy (guess, toilet shots are still HOT?)

Cute Asian Guy Toilet Selfie
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11. Get ready to meet, greet and more with this sexy crowd!

Hot Asian Men Selfie
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10. For some selfies with old and new friends

Hot Asian Men New year Party
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9. Or a chance to meet gorgeous dancers in their not-much-to-wear outfits

White Party BKK go go boy 2018
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8. Of course, there will be WP’s signature fierce performances on stage and impressive production

Hot Go Go Asian Male Dancers
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7. This is what you came for last night and we shall do it again.

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6. This year’s AGM amazed us with the superstar performer Alexandra Burke!

Alexandra Burke Live in BKK White Party 2018
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5. Singing her big hit #BadBoys

Hot Gay Asian White Party BKK 2018
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4. Last year’s crowd for the rooftop party

Rooftop Gay Event WP BKK Thailand
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3. was made even BIGGER this year.

Gay Party Guide WP BKK 2018
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2. #WPBKK is here!

Big Fan White Party Bangkok 2018
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1. Don’t miss the chance to dance and countdown among this great crowd!

Cute Asian Boys White Party BKK 2018
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We hope you’re enjoying Bangkok and all the previous parties (so far). Tonight is your last chance, so make it count. Let’s enjoy it with many amazing DJs and performances, are you ready for it? Grap your ticket here.

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