How to Take the Perfect Viral Shot


Behind The Viral Lens by Ad3ism

We got the chance to catch up with renowned photographer and all round talented artist Ad3ism. The viral photographer who, to much envy, spends his time photographing semi-naked beautiful guys. We asked him about his work and got him to share 4 lessons he has learned over the years to capture the perfect erotic shot.

Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

1. Describe your photo style?

Male centric /homo-erotica with a touch of luxury, style and glamour.

gay photographer asian men
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

2. Whose work has influenced you most?

If I may only pick one; photographer Leslie Kee, fellow Singaporean based in Tokyo.

gay photographer singapore
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram
Model: Ernz on Instagram

3. Your IG bio discusses Wabi Sabi, so what is that all about?

It’s a Japanese philosophy embracing imperfections in any object (e.g. cuts, scars, stretch marks, moles, wrinkles etc).

gay photographer singpaore men
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

4. What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

I wished I had been ‘technically’ stronger, unfortunately, being kinaesthetic, I need to feel my way around to learn and that takes time.

gay photographer tumblr
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

5. Stripping down in front of the camera & crew can be intimidating. How do you make the models comfortable? Please say alcohol is involved?

I work alone and also prefer working alone; establishing mutual trust and a common ground right at the outset requires that I engage/ connect with my model(s) on a psychological/ emotional level. Alcohol, if used, is purely for staging (prop) or as a ‘celebratory reward’ post photoshoot.

Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

6. Do your models have to bring their own outfits or do you provide them?

Outfits, if/when required, are provided. I am also open to working with fashion designers/stylists who may be interested to collaborate with me in developing the ad3ism ‘philosophy’.

Asian gay photographer
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram
7. How much um… “grooming” are most guys doing before these photo shoots?

They would normally ask for my preference and while I personally prefer “body and facial hair” I have not made it a pre-requisite.

gay male photographer singapore
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

8. Once the photo shoot actually begins, what happens? Do you coach people, saying things like… “say cheese”??

I do what they call the “inception” thing; planting an image or scene in the mind. If talking fails, I follow up with a brief demonstration. Hence, the facial expressions/ poses (“body language”) you see are very much the model’s own interpretation. It’s very casual and impromptu.

gay singapore tumblr
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

9. Everyone has that “problem” area that he feels self-conscious about. How do you work around that? Will you Photoshop flaws at their request?

It is my goal to bring out the aesthetic best in models but there are times where ‘flaws’ are necessary to add a touch of “reality” to the “surrealism” in my photography. But it may be comforting for potential models to note that I was formally trained by MakeUpForEver Singapore, and, have been experimenting with “photo retouching/editing” way before photography.

Ad3ism gay asian photographer tumblr
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

Lesson 1: Communication through facial expression, eye-contact & body language

This is by far the hardest skill to master, especially, when it comes to invoking ‘eroticism’ in photos.  In essence, it is about “directing” and how you would get your models into a “mood for romancing” freely, and without any inhibition, with you (the photographer)/ and your camera (lens).  Just like ‘sign language’ where we used our hands to communicate, the way we looked at a camera (making eye-contact), positioned our hands (gestures) and body (human anatomy/ form), and how we view an object, under different angle or lighting, can have an effect on our mind.

Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

Lesson 2: Sexual Tension

I associate sexual tension with an invisible ‘force’ that can be seen and felt in the images e.g., tearing/ ripping of clothes (intensity of action) or the come-hither look (intensity of eye-contact).  Hint/ clue: My photos on Instagram are deliberately mellowed down.

Ad3ism gay mens instagram photographer
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram
Ad3ism gay instagram photographer
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram
Ad3ism gay photographer, gay Singapore
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

Lesson 3: Arousing the senses through sight

The thing about men is that we are visual creatures.  So much so that we can ‘feel’ pain and/or pleasure through sight alone.  So, when I’m working on erotic images, I focus on bridging virtually the ‘distance’ between the viewer and my models/actors in the photos, to an extent, that the viewer can almost sense – touch, feel and smell –  the model(s) as far as the imagination carries them.  It is important to ensure your model is well prepped from head to toes, you need to adjust the luminosity of his skin and hair.  My personal favourite is to create a ‘dewy’ looking skin on both the face and body which can be achieved by using cosmetics (e.g., BB Cream), accentuated by a touch of facial/ body oil.  When it comes to body or facial hair, which I prefer my models to have, is usually kept natural, but “under control” (not scraggly) for that extra feel or ‘texture’ on the face/ body.

Ad3ism gay asian mens photographer
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram
Ad3ism gay photographer
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram
Hot asian gay men
Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram

Lesson 4: Playing Mind Games 

Photography is about ‘story telling’, more often than not, we are relying on past events/ scenes that our viewers are familiar with, or can relate to, to convey a message.  One of my photos did just that – I playfully created “Hungry Ghost Lovers” that I shot and posted during the Chinese 7th Month.  However, I also adapted the “mask orgy” theme which was then making its round on the internet.

Photographer: ad3ism on Instagram
Model: Ron and Danny on Instagram

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Mouthwatering Gay Asian Men Going Viral! Teddy Tzeng & The Badroom Dance

Gay Asian Man

20 Mouthwatering Gay Asian Men by Teddy Tzeng & The Badroom Dance! #LookingGoodBeingBad

Teddy Tzang’s latest photo shoot of ridiculous hot gay Asian men exploded onto the internet on Tuesday! 24 hours later and it’s clocking up 10,000 Facebook shares across his post.

Stay tuned to his Facebook Fan Page as there are more photos to come. Don’t forget to check out The Badroom Dance online!

gay Asian men
gay asian man (11)
gay asian man (9)
gay asian boy
gay asian boy
gay asian men
gay asian man (6)
gay asian dude
gay asian boy
gay asian man
gay asian boy
gay Asian men
gay asian man
hot asian stud
gay asian man (10)
gay asian boys
hot asian guy
gay asian lady
Gay asia Lady

And the Amazing Photographer Teddy Tzeng!

Teddy Tzeng Photo

We spoke to Teddy to find out all the details:

“It was totally for fun at the beginning. I was just doing some shootings with my friends and thinking what to write & post on Facebook. Then suddenly this idea came to my mind that I could use these “fun shots” to promote my fashion label which was doing some clearance promotions for the last 10 days of the Sale! It was totally unexpected to receive such a good response from my friends and fans. That’s why I decided to make a calendar which was a nice way to keep this series together.”

Check out his Facebook Fan Page as there are more photos coming soon. Don’t forget to check out The Badroom Dance online!

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12 pictures to prove Songkran is absolutely the world’s most boring festival!

Songkran Silom Road and Khaosan Road Bangkok in Thailand

Songkran, Thai New Year in Bangkok is world famous in the gay community but is it really as good as everybody says it is?

1. Because nobody is dressing up

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Silom Beauty Queens

A post shared by Richard Barrow in Thailand (@richardbarrow) on


2. and nobody takes part

3. except for these guys

3 Nation United ?? ?? ?? #songkran2016

A post shared by Vino Assaad ?? (@vinoassaad) on

4. with their huge guns!

 5. It’s the world’s largest water fight

6. where nobody is having fun!

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#songkran2016 #silom #bangkok #thaiand #thainewyear

A post shared by Tham (@thamarong) on

7. Seriously, nobody is having fun

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Water Fight! ???

A post shared by @ coziamcharles on

8. absolutely nobody!

9. It’s so boring with hot guys everywhere 😉

10. like … all around!

11. Start wishing that you can be in Bangkok next year

12. so you don’t end up being bored!

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Beach life ????

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11 Cutest Instagram Gay Couples | Valentine’s Day Romance

Gay Couple on Instagram & Their Valentine's Day Activities

Get Ready For A Seriously Cheesy Valentine’s Day!

Finally, the day has arrived! Some people love it, many hate it but it’s here anyway. We have got your fix of cute gay couples! If your Instagram feeds needs some more romance to balance out the 6-pack gym selfies then start following these jet-setting adorable couples.

Valentine Couple Gay Influencer Ron & Danny Singapore (1)
Follow Danny & Ron

1. Danny & Ron – Just For Fun

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We actually have no intention of joining because we both have different audiences. 🙂
First Met? We met in TABOO, Singapore most popular dance gay club in Nov 2014.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We will definitely be visiting Bali, Japan & Boracay.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Spending time together (staycation), gym and a romantic candlelight dinner! 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
There are the best and the must go! ZoukOut in Singapore, White Party and gCircuit Songkran party in Bangkok, Thailand.

Rissieri & Petros #petrissi Insta Gay Couple Instagram Valentine's Day London (3)
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2. Rissieri & Petros –  Travel, Happiness & lighting

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We thought about it, but we both have so much from our lives that we love to share, so we set up the hashtag #petrissi 😉
First Met? We met in Dec 2008 internet dating and our first date was in a coffee shop. lol
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We are heading to  Vietnam and Thailand next month. Plus we would love to visit Seychelles and Fiji.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Cooking class is fun, the boat ride to relax and dine on a private beach would be lovely. 
Top 3 Parties?
NYE in Rio, Carnival in Salvador and Halloween in NYC are our top!

Andee & Hugo Gay Taiwan & Singpaore
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3. Andee & Hugo – Love, Food & Travel

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? Well, we do have a hashtag now, #HugoDee! As for the joint account, that might be a good idea especially since we always take so many pictures and videos every time we are out.
First Met? We first met at the Singapore National Gallery on 1st of January 2017, when Hugo came for a vacation (from Taiwan). It was love at first sight! We love our chemistry, there wasn’t a moment of awkwardness. It’s still very sweet thinking back on that day 😉
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Miami, Phi Phi Island, and El Nido Palawan. Hopefully, it won’t be all just a “dream” – we’ll make them happen for sure! Then we can update you guys with the amazing pictures!
Ideal Valentine’s Day? We’ll be skyping the night away as we won’t be together. But these what we will do! Exploring & eating good food, cooking & whipping up a good meal and cuddling in bed. We are all about food, aren’t we?
Top 3 Parties? To be honest, we aren’t a fan of parties. That’s what we have in common too! We would really prefer spending time at a nice cafe/traveling/strolling in a park/and maybe in bed watching Netflix and spending quality time 🙂

Gay Romance Valentine's Day Instagram Dion & Craig Australia
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4. Craig & Dion – Networking, Friends & Inspiration

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? It works for some people and there are a few successful joint Instagramers – but it’s not for us.
First Met? We were introduced by a mutual friend and stayed in contact for a long time before we eventually decided to go on a date 5 months ago. 🙂 🙂
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We would love to go to Japan, Maldives & Greece
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Have a beautiful breakfast together. Watch the sunset with a cheese platter and a bottle of wine. Lastly, a quiet night in watching a nice movie on the couch, cuddled up together. 
Top 3 Parties? 
Mardi Gras After Party, I Remember House and Halloween party. All three have been in Sydney!

Lok Man & Guillaume Bananaeggshake Gay Married Romance Valentine's Day (1)
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5. Guillaume & Lok Man – Energising, Social, Share

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We love joint account that we are having now as @bananaeggshake. It gives us the ability to share our day to day and love with people around the world, also to meet interesting folks.
First Met? Back in 2009, in a nightclub in Hong Kong, Guillaume was a tourist. It was mutual love at first sight, we danced together and kissed.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Maldives (we had our honeymoon there), Bali and Greece.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Great food, great wine, and cuddles 😉 😉
Best 3 Parties?
Songkran Bangkok (water fight), junk-boat parties and last but not least the party where we met in 2009.

Expert Local Gay Asian Couple Instagram on Valentine's Day (1)
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6. Adrian & Son – Creative, Self Expression & Colorful

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We actually already have one, it’s where we post pictures of places we have been to. It’s a fantastic way to express our love for traveling, learning new things and trying new food.
First Met? We met at a birthday party when I just moved back from the States to Vietnam in 2011. One of my high school sweethearts ended up to be a really close friend with Adrian.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Iceland, Cuba, and Maldives.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Having a great dinner, a good movie and… Sex 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
We like to travel more than going to parties, so, to be honest, this is a really tough question to answer. We both agreed that going to Songkran festival in BKK is really amazing!

Gay Influencers on Instagram Matt & Taylor Sydney
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7. Matt & Taylor – Fun, Vibrant & Energetic

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We have thought about it, but individual accounts are fun, we get to put photos up of each other and followers can go on each of our pages to see our journey through different eyes.
First Met? We met at our local cafe, almost 2 years ago. I noticed his cute smile and vibrant energy while I was grabbing a quick bite. I later commented on his photo on Instagram because we had the same meal, we had coffee dates for about a month, which turned into dinner dates, the rest is history.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Sailing through Croatia, Maldives or the Greek Islands.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? A couples massage! I know that sounds cheesy but it’s nice! A nice dinner somewhere (Taylor is organising this year) and spend time relaxing with our puppy.
Top 3 Parties? 
Parties at the snowfields in Canada were amazing, a weekend at Madrid Gras and New York City birthday celebrations.

Ken & Richmond Insta Gay Couple on Valentine's Day (1)
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8. Ken & Richmond – Travel, Fashion & Adventure

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? As much as we are in love and married, we still keep a little bit of privacy and still have our individual relationships with other people.
First Met? We met through a friend of ours while partying in May 2015 in Boracay Island in the Philippines.
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? We would like to visit places we’ve both never been together before, such as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Capetown in South Africa and Reykjavik in Iceland.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? Hit the beach, F***  and then have a nice romantic dinner. 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
StereoSonic music festival in Sydney Australia, Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand, and Circuit Party in Barcelona, Spain. Love it!

Neil & Jean Instagram Gay Couple on Valentine's Day (2)
Follow NeilJean François

9. Neil & Jean François – Holidays, Parties & Friends

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We’ve never actually thought about it – since we don’t live together it’s maybe a bit more complicated. Maybe once we’re living in the same city and once we get a cat …that will be the moment for a joint account haha 😛
First Met? We first met in the Netherlands in 2015. I (Neil) was living there and like all 21st-century romances, we met through a dating app. JF lives in Paris but had a friend in the Netherlands. One weekend I came to visit and so we met up and well the rest is history. 🙂
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Hawaii, New Zealand, and Argentina. We like active holidays so even a honeymoon would be like that for us. 😉
Ideal Valentine’s Day? We won’t be together this Valentine I’m living in Scotland this year since I’m gone back to Uni for a year. If we are together in Paris then for sure a nice romantic meal, followed by a romantic stroll along the Seine. Then come home to the sofa and snuggle up with a movie.
Top 3 Parties?
Sagi Kariv closing party (Forever Tel Aviv) at la Riviera 2016 Madrid Razzmatazz Barcelona Sagi Kariv – (Circuit festival) 2016 Rio Carnival pool party (Revolution) 2013.

Local Gay Influencer Philippines Stef & Mike
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10. Mike & Stef – My Favorite App!

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? I think based on Instagram, it’s best we do our own. We’re different people and definitely respect that. We would prefer a joint vblog account.
First Met? We met at Stef’s 18th birthday in Oct. 2014 (I crashed it haha).
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? Indonesia, Japan, and Greece. I would definitely LOVE to take Stef to Greece someday! That would be more than a goal! (Also Iceland and India)
Ideal Valentine’s Day? We’re going to Waterpark, movie to cap off the night and coffee, then enjoy an evening together for Valentine’s Day, we’re really easy to please!
Top 3 Parties? 
The road to Ultra, Lovedance 2015 (Stef passed out hahaha) and Stef’s birthday I guess coz of where/how we met. (We don’t go out a lot but when we do it’s intense).

Local Gay European Influencer Instagram Karl & Daan Amsterdam & Berlin
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11. Karl & Daan – Best Travel Diary

Thoughts on joint IG accounts? We have a joint account as @coupleofmen to show our followers the world. We travel together as an openly gay couple to find the best places to stay and things to experience while exploring the world. Nothing better than having a joint account where both contribute the best ideas. 🙂
First Met? We met at a gay party in Berlin. I (Karl) was living in Berlin back then, Daan was visiting for a week from Amsterdam, it was love on the first sight. 
Dream Honeymoon Destinations? 
It’s a difficult question! It could be Japan again (we loved it last time we were there), New Zealand and then Chile. We love to stay in wellness & spa resorts in the middle of the forest or close to nature. Nothing better than wake up with breakfast in a private pool over the view of the endless green.
Ideal Valentine’s Day? A day with spa & massage, yummy & healthy cuisine, and then sleeping together without setting an alarm. Most importantly, we wanna spend some time together with our appointments. 😉
Top 3 Parties? 
One week on a gay cruise with la demence, it was non stop party on a cruise ship. Tel Aviv the final pride party by Offer Nissim, and Rapido in Amsterdam.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Happy Valentine's Day Gay Couple Instagram
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Hottest WHITE PARTY BANGKOK Ambassadors 2018

Bangkok White Party 2018 Best New Year Event Asia

Presented By:

Meet the world’s sexiest Ambassadors from WHITE PARTY BANGKOK!! The legendary WHITE PARTY returns to Bangkok this New Year with 5 massive parties in 4 days from 28 – 31 Dec 2017.

Organizer/partners, Blue Satittammanoon & Nelson Culligan of Cloud 9 Inc., have gathered friends from across the globe to help spread the word about the festival. The New Year’s Dance Music Festival is packed with talent from international DJs to X-Factor winning singer like Alexandra Burke! Check out these gorgeous fellows below who make up the 3rd edition of WHITE PARTY BANGKOK Ambassadors.

1. Ace Cee – USA

Ace Cee USA White Party 2018 bangkok Guide
Follow acecee_

2. Frandy – Singapore

Frandy Tan Hot Gay Asian Men Singaporean
Follow frandytan

3. Prince – Philippines

Prince Stefan Hot Filipino Gay Asian Men
Follow iamprincestefan

4. Jono – Australia

White Party Bangkok Ambassador Jono Gay Australia
Follow jonokwan

5. Berlin – China

Berlin Gogo Dancer Ambassador White Party
Follow berlinsun

6. Winston – China

Winston Hot Chinese White Party BKK Ambassador 2018
Follow ayuwinston

7. Cocoi – Philippines

CoCoi Castañeda Hot Asian Men New Year Gay Party BKK
Follow daddycoi

8. Clarence – Malaysia, Ron – Singapore

 Gay Asian Men Ron & Clarence Adorable Gay Couple
Follow clarencecw & lovingmeloving_u

9. Nik Nik – Thailand

Nik Jakaphan Hot Thai Guy Ambassador WP BKK 2018
Follow nick_kikk

10. Kevin – Vietnam

Kevin Trieu Hot Vietnamese Gay New Year Event Bangkok 2018
Follow iamkevintrieu

11. Steven – England

Steven Doan Hot Guy White Party Ambassador 2018 from England
Follow stevendoanstyle

12. Santo – Indonesia

Santo Sexy Indonesian Gay Asian Men
Follow xanto.claus

13. Marcus – Singapore

Marcus Goh White Party BKK Hot Gay Guy Singapore
Follow marcsartpop

14. Ehrard – South Africa

Insta Gay Holiday Ehrard White Party BKK Ambassador 2018
Follow ehrardv

15. Geez – Germany

Geez Hot German Gay Party Ambassador WP BKK 2018 gregorgusgeez
Follow gregorgusgeez

16. Benny – Vietnam

Follow bennyle242

17. Kandy – Thailand

kandy A List Drag Queen Thailand WP BKK 2018 Guide
Follow kandyzyanide

18. Atom – Malaysia

Atom Cute Gay Guy Malaysia WP Bangkok 2018
Follow bomd13

19. Max – Hong Kong, Bernie – USA

Gogo Dancer Max and Bernie Gay Party New Year Party 2018
Follow i_m_vampss & feelslikeb

20. Joe – Hong Kong

Joe Wong Hot Asian Men Gay Event BKK 2018
Follow joeon

21. Zents – Thailand

Auckkarunch Thongjamroon Bangkok New Year Gay Event 2018 WP
Follow heavenzents

22. Henry – Indonesia

Henry Hot Guy from Indonesia Gay Event Ambassador WP BKK 2018
Follow iamhenho

23. Evan – Australia

Evan Hot Australian White Party Bangkok Guy 2018
Follow eurasianevan

24. Jackie – Malaysia

Hot Asian Man Jackie Lee Kuala Lumpur Gay Party BKK
Follow jackiefcuk

25. Edward – Taiwan

Edward Wu Hot Taiwanese Gay Party Host White party 2018
Follow edwardweile

26. Sky – England, Andy – Italy

Sky and Andy Insta Cute Gay Couple WP BKK Ambassador 2018
Follow sky_mpro_musclemania_pt & andy_dive_it

27. Ryan – Vietnam

Hoang Ryan Hot Vietnamese Gay Asian Men
Follow ryan__hoang

Tickets for WHITE PARTY BANGKOK are available and selling fast!

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Still undecided? Check out the 2017 aftermovie!

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Guys Describe the Hurt after their BFs cheat!


Oscar’s and college dormitory heartbreak

It was the worst love experience that I have had. When I was still young in college, I was living in the college dormitory. I met a boy in another class, we were living at the same floor. I didn’t know him well, but when I saw him at my first sight, I fell into him already. I thought he felt the same way too as he treated me so good. And one night, we were doing revision together and he asked me if I would like to be together with him. That’s how we started.

We even talked about our future plan… so young and naive that I would believe that we were destined.

The first month was the honey moon. We held hands on ferry, kissing at the back stairs, seeing each other’s roommates and friends, sleeping and cuddling on bed. We even talked about our future plan… so young and naive that I would believe that we were destined. He made so many promises, and that’s why I hate that so much after we broke up. (I don’t like people make promises so easily and cannot accomplish).

I knew that he got an ex boy friend right before our relationship started. I heard things about them in the past and he told me the truth too. But not the whole truth that he was still in love with his ex. His ex just lived one floor above actually. I did believe in him when he told me they were totally over. Sometimes we went to the study room, his ex bumped into us. In that situation, he would just take my hand and left his ex alone.

“I m outside your room now, can we just talk?” (stupid, what was I thinking?)

2 months passed away. Gradually, I felt something was not right. Every time I texted him on messengers he did not reply, and changed to the “away” status. He refused to sleep together as he said he have to focus on his study. But when I said I made supper for him,he would still let me deliver to his room. Yet, he would not let me stay for long. I was so worried and finally reached a point of outbreak. I texted him so many time, asking “what happened?” “why are you upset?” “Did I do anything wrong?” And later become “I am sorry… I would behave myself more” I even went to his room and texted “I m outside your room now, can we just talk?” (stupid, what was I thinking?). He finally answered the door and said “omg, you totally freaked me out! I’m so scared of you, may you leave?)

Heartbroken and obviously, that’s the end of our relationship.

I could felt like pins in my stomach. We were still living in the same building, it’s difficult to avoid of escape, especially in elevator.

What so convenient was, he’s then back to be with his ex again shortly. I saw they were holding hands in dormitory. My roommate told me he was just making use of me to make his bf jealous, as they got into a fight, but never broken up. I don’t know if this is true or not and I didn’t want to believe in it. In the following two years, every time (my turn) I bumped into them, I could felt like pins in my stomach. We were still living in the same building, it’s difficult to avoid or escape, especially in elevator.

I moved out after since … I was thinking only if I become the bad person in the relationship, it can protect myself from getting hurt in it. But of course this is not right. If I keep thinking in this way, I could never have a healthy relationship. No true love. Because all this faking, cheating could distract someone from getting to know who you really are. But I would still got my amours on. Who don’t want to leave a cool impression to the one they like?

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Dale’s Online Suspicions

We were just new at that time and I was still young. The first time I caught him when he was on the social site called (I dun’t know if it still exist until now). My instinct was telling me to check my bf and also telling me to create an account there. (Btw never doubt on your instincts.) When I message my bf he said he was busy cleaning, doing his laundry and I believed him so. But when I was already inside the site in the chat room I saw him flirting and doing a live show in chat room showing his everything to everyone.

What made me even more shocked was when he was inviting one guy from chat room to have fun at his place.

I was so shock! and could not believe anything I just saw. What made me even more shocked was when he was inviting one guy from chat room to have fun at his place. It was painful and I just left the site crying. Next day still the same my instinct tells me to go to the site again and this time I made a dummy account to chat to my him. He wants me to go to his place and have fun. To my dismay I just logged out and went home. I didn’t confront him because I was afraid what he will say.

It’s like a scene in a movie, I had to keep myself calm and holding my tears.

Finally, the ultimate day came, when I caught him having sex with a guy and even more shocking he was being fucked. It was a surprise visit since I know it was his day off and also mine. When I reached his apartment, I went to his room and when I opened the door and what I saw was him being fucked by a guy. Both of them were shock and stop what they were doing. It’s like a scene in a movie, I had to keep myself calm and holding my tears. I left and rushed to get a taxi home and cried. It’s painful what happened and it was so hard. You can’t even retain the relationship afterwards. The trust was lost and even doubting yourself why he did that.

Maybe something is lacking or missing in you, that’s why he did that. It’s been weeks afterward, when he messaged me and asking for forgiveness. I asked the reason why he did it and what he said to me that I was far away and he can’t stand without someone beside him. (I was living outside of Manila and he was working in Manila that time.) I can’t forgive him that time. It took me years to forgive him and be friends with him. It also took me number of years to trust someone and be in relationship.

I think gays are always looking for something new, something exciting that their relationship can’t offer.

Everyone are polygamous, it’s a human being. I think gays are always looking for something new, something exciting that their relationship can’t offer. That’s why most of gay relationship status are open type. Which is I believe it won’t work and won’t last. In going a relationship, you should accept what both of you have and content on it. Don’t look for anything that your partner is lacking of. If you really love him, you should accept it for who he really is.

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Hurt The Movie

Today Hurt the short film launches on YouTube. Staring two InstaFamous first time actors  Clarence Lee (as Chris) and Lokies Khan (as Jonathan) playing the confused and heartbroken lovers. The beautifully shot feature gives a glimpse into the couple’s life and the repercussions of one’s mistakes.

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Cast & Crew

Clarence Lee (as Chris) and Lokies Khan (as Jonathan)
Written and Directed by Kieran Cheang
Executive Produced and Co-Directed by David Liu (Team David Films)
Director of Photography David Liu
Music and Sound Design by Eric Wong (United Records)
Featuring Original Single “Paradise” by Joshua Simon
“Paradise” Produced at Zendyll Productions by Jon Chua (The Sam Willows) and Evan Low (Inch Chua)


Jungle Circuit Party LaBoracay 2017! | Gay Beach Party Philippines

Jungle Circuit Party 8

14 Pics That Make U Want to Go Back to Jungle Circuit Party | Gay Beach Party Philippines

gCircuit is over, but don’t despair you don’t have to wait until new year to get your circuit party fix. How does 6,000 guys, international circuit DJ’s, on Boracay’s white powder sands?

Here is your answer, Jungle Circuit Party LaBoracay 2017! With two parties taking place on April 28th Paint Party & May 1st Glow Foam Party. Get ready for a busy Boracay as its Labor day weekend in the Philippines, a major public holiday celebration.

1. The Paint Party, and the point is to paint each other, don’t sit around and watch someone do

Boracay Jungle Circuit Party Asia Gay Beach Event

2. unless you look out for the opportunity like this.

Gay Beach Party Philippines

3. There were friendly locals and visitors from Asia and beyond

Local Gay Event Philippines Jungle Circuit Beach Party

4. maybe another chance to meet Mr. Right / Mr. Right Now.

Hot Asian Gay Beach Festival Jungle Circuit Party Philippines

5. Banging on about how to get free drinks out of hot boys?

Jungle Circuit Party LaBoracay Gay Philippines

6. There was Beer Pong and other fun games.

7. Free pouring was without a doubt

Free Drink Gay Beach Event Jungle Circuit Party Boracay

8. this is how it was done perfectly

Free Drink Gay Beach Jungle Circuit Party Philippines

9. especially, when the opportunity was right at you.

10. Have we mentioned A-list domestic and international DJs?

Gay Beach Party Philippines

11. These guys who took to you up until the final dance

Jungle Circuit Party Gay Beach Party Philippines

12. All party boys and girls were welcome.

Gay Beach Party Philippines

13. And if it all gets too much,

Jungle Circuit Party 6 Gay Beach Party Philippines

14. you can cool down here!

Jungle Circuit Party Boracay Gay Beach Party (2)
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Gay Beach Party Poster 3 Gay Beach Party Poster 3

Get me ticket!

Contact: Facebook | Instagram | +63 917 861 5747

Address: Wave Bar & Lounge
Beachfront, Station 2, Henann Regency Resort & Spa,
Boracay Island, 5608 Boracay, Philippines

Gay Beach Party Poster

Compare these Gay Friendly Hotel Deals


Recommend Luxury Hotels


Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort

Highlights : True Lux, Quiet Beach, Amazing Views
Location : Barangay; 20 mins drive to Jungle Party
Facts : Rooms : 219 | Free in room WIFI
Show Prices


    Henann Regency Resort

    Highlights : Walk to Party, Gay Favorite, Beachfront
    Location : Station 2; 2 mins walk to Jungle Party
    Facts : Rooms : 302 | WIFI in public areas
    Show Prices

      Recommend Comfort Hotels


      Fairways and Bluewater Resort

      Highlights : Peaceful with Amazing Views
      Location : Barangay; 20 mins drive to Jungle Party
      Facts : Rooms : 500 | WIFI in public areas
      Show Prices


        Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort

        Highlights : Walk to Party, Peaceful & Beachfront
        Location : Station 2; 15 mins walk to Jungle Party
        Facts : Rooms : 47| WIFI in public areas
        Show Prices

          Recommend Budget Hotels


          Bamboo Beach Resort

          Highlights : Budget, Convenient Location & Breakfast
          Location : Station 3; 5 mins walk to Jungle Party
          Facts : Rooms : 34 | WIFI in public areas
          Show Prices


            Greenyard Inn

            Highlights : Budget Room, Walk to Party, & Clean
            Location : Station 3; 15 mins walk to Jungle Party
            Facts : Rooms : 5| Free WIFI in rooms
            Show Prices

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              Teddy’s Viral Photoshoot is Back | Candy Crush by Teddy

              Teddy Tzeng 曾崇倫 The Badroom Dance Hot Asian Men

              16 Juicy Photos by Teddy Tzeng! #CandyCrush

              Teddy Tzang’s second viral photo shoot does not disappoint. 16 Ridiculously hot guys and girls including Teddy photographs of himself exploded across Facebook on New Year’s Eve!

              Stay tuned to his Facebook Fan Page as there is a 3rd series planned for later this year.

              Colorful & Fun Asian Man Shane
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              Chris Chen Cute Asian Male Model by Teddy Tzeng
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              Mars Chen by Teddy The Badrrom Dance
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              Kimberly The Badroom Dance The Gay Passport
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              Nam Yuen Wai Hot Asian Guy
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              Handsome Asian Guy Kazz Law Arty Photo by Teddy Tzeng
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              Hot Expat Teddy The Badroom Dance
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              Jill Lu Badroom Dance Colorful
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              Jero Yang by Teddy Tzeng Photography
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              Nana by Teddy Tzeng The Badroom Dance
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              Aaron Touré by Teddy Photographer Gay Taipei
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              Asian Hottest Photography Teddy Tzeng
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              We spoke to Teddy to find out all the details:

              “Due to the very good & positive response of last year’s campaign, I would like to continue using the similar concept making the second calendar to share another round of nice photos. This time round has nothing to do with The Badroom Dance promotional activities. Everyone has the same lovely sweet side as Candy, but most of the time because of the stress from work, living etc, we have forgotten our own sweetness. Therefore, I would like to use my camera to capture the lovely sweet smile which is like by breaking up their own candies to remind everyone to smile even in bad times in 2017. The cover of the calendar has a candy-rainbow background which I would like to bring out a message of supporting Equality Marriage. Everyone has their own lovely sweet side no matter who you are and what labels people give you. Everyone has the right to choose how to live their own lives in order to smile from their bottom of their hearts. We should give respect to everyone. Look forward to the third series of the campaign in 2018.”

              Check out his Facebook Fan Page ready for the third series coming soon.

              And the Amazing Photographer Teddy Tzeng!

              Where’s the (Gay) Party? | Asia’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations



              BANGKOK – WHITE PARTY 

              It’s Asia’s Largest Gay New Year Festival! For the second year running WHITE PARTY BANGKOK looks like its going to attract all the hottest guys from Asia and beyond. The three-day festival kicks off on NYE so get ready for one wild countdown to 2017. Seriously, if you’re a circuit queen you don’t want to miss this out. Check out who else is going to be there. For tickets and more info check out their website.

              Courtesy of Celio

              Kuala Lumpur – DivineBliss 

              Fireworks on the most gorgeous rooftop in Kuala Lumpur, NYE could not get any better! DivineBliss at G Tower, KL’s No. 1 gay event is set and ready to “Reincarnate” for 2017’s countdown party. Featuring resident and international guest DJs for the night. Pre-sale tickets are available now!
              So Sofitel Singapore New Year's Eve Party with The Gay Passport

              Singapore – So Sofitel

              2 parties back to back on 31 Dec 2016 & 1 Jan 2017. NYE countdown party up the decks this NYE on Robinson Road. Party starts from 5 pm till late, with smooth beats, to tasty BBQ bites through the night. Free Flow House Pours from 9 pm until midnight! Did we mention “Recovery Session” poolside party for the following day? Special promotions & booking are available here.

              Singapore – Sofitel Sentoas

              Keeping it classy, Sofitel Singapore Sentosa hosts its Countdown Party this year at its striking grandstand – The Stage – that stands alongside the resort’s 33-metre pool and against the majestic sea views. Groove through the night with a live band, guest DJ and – the best yet – Open Bar with free-flow premium Champagne, Beers and Wines! Prices for free flow from $248++ per person and non-alcoholic tickets from $88++ per person. Tickets are available here.

              Singapore – Neil Road 

              If you are looking for a gay theme NYE check out Neil Road. Chinatown hosts a great range of gay bars, clubs and saunas, from pre-drinking & cocktails in DYMK, hit No.1 dance floor at Taboo, to dark mazes in ShoGun Sauna. However, don’t be surprised if many of the party regulars have flown to Bangkok for the holidays.
              Formosa New Year's Eve Countdown Gay Party Taipei

              Taipei – Formosa 

              Taipei used to be gay Asia’s NYE go to destination, this year it’s fighting back for its tiara. Get ready for a huge countdown show with an epic firework display at the top of Taipei’s iconic tower Taipei 101. Formosa NYE party features festival dance mix from DJs and performances by some of Asia’s biggest heart throb go go dancers from 10:30 pm to 5 am. Tickets are available now, all the info on the Facebook event.
              PS. Please note that there will be traffic controls after 7 pm near the Taipei 101 Building area. More details will be announced on 31 Dec, so stay up to date here.
              Club Behind Gay Arty Party & Event Hong Kong

              Hong Kong – Behind

              Arty for the stylish boys, #GetBehind (love the hashtag) for this New Year’s Eve on Queen’s Road West, Wilmer Street. Join HK’s trendy crowd in the ultimate countdown party at the brand new venue – they say it will be bigger & better! Celebrate NYE in style with Champagne Perrier-Jouët packages. Entry is free with a valid RSVP., simply like their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram and click “Attending” on the page. 


              Tokyo – Glamorous 

              Tokyo lovers listen up! Club Asia in Shibuya is going to be huge for the final night of 2016! Countdown party featuring sexy performances, go go dancers and drag queens. Door opens from 9 pm to 5 am at Club Asia in Shibuya. Tickets are available now!


              Seoul – Itaewon

              Because Seoul never sleep! Especially at the city’s best named street – Homo Hill, a well known street among the lgbt community for gay nightlife in Itaewon. Small street that has it all to offer, from pre-drinking at Eat Me to pop dance floor at Soho or exploring the excitement between dance break in a dark room sauna Hyundae for some rest & fun as it’s located near by the hill. 
              Nectar New Year Gay Party Manila

              Manila – Nectar

              Nectar Nightclub is Manila’s hottest new opening! It’s the first and only LGBTQ luxury nightclub in The Philippines and is located at The Fort Strip, BGC. Expect the club to packed with Manila’s A list gays & international DJ-driven party go-ers. Hit the city real hard under the firework celebration to 2017!

              Happy New Year Folks.
              Stay in touch with The Gay Passport for the next best events!

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