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21 Questions with Bachelor of the Week

That’s right guys, Chan Than San is single. Our Britney obsessed, Vietnamese bachelor now is living in LA and looking for love. We suspect his new home is purely because he can be closer to his Oops I did it again idol. Check out his travel tips to LA and what you should definitely not order if you are lucky enough to score a date with him.

“Stay humble… there is always someone better looking, nicer body, better personality, well traveled, more intelligent, highly skilled than you! So drop the attitude you are only impressing yourself …no one else.

Everybody can love ur look but its heart and personality that makes them stay with u :)”

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1. Living in?

Los Angeles

2. From?


3. Profession?


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4. Three apps which you are addicted to?

VSCO, Instagram
& Spotify

5. Favorite part of your body?

My eyes, to see beautiful things and person i love everyday

6. Which part of a hot guy catches your eye the most?

His personality, mostly guys who act confident in themselves catch my eyes a lot

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7. Three things which will get you into bed?

Cologne, single eyelids
& beers

8. Your weirdest turn on?

suddenly kiss me on the lips without touching me

9. The strangest place you have done it?

In a public swimming pool

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10. Three qualities in your perfect boyfriend?

Caring, thoughtful
& love Britney Spears

11. Dealbreaker (Something he does which prevents you dating him)?

Bad breathe, talking bad about other people
& buy me a non-diet coke on first date

12. How long have you been single?

2 years, equal 2 decades

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13. Three reasons to visit?

All you can eat: from korean BBQ to Arab food,
Catching Justin Bieber shopping at Rodeo Drive, or Kim Kardashian taking selfie of her butt on Sunset Blvd
& Beautiful beaches to beaches

14. When is the best time to visit?

LA gay pride

(June 10 & 11 2017)

15. What’s your recommended must do attraction?

Taking photo with the Hollywood sign so people know you are in La, not home

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16. Favorite night to party?

Every friday with my Asian Gangs at Asian Night

17. Where would you go?

Gameboi – the asian club

18. What’s special about it?

Kimchi, ramen, pho or pad thai … all asian for you on friday! From music to hotties

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19. Which neighborhood is best to stay in?

Somewhere a lil out of LA, Disney land or something like that

20. Whats special about that neighborhood?

Well, disneyland and screaming children

21. If you were a tourist visiting which hotel would you stay in?

W hotel, coz the rooms smell so good

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