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21 Questions with Bachelor of the Week

Ehrard, a very talented writer and also a teacher, dancer and personal trainer. Ehrard is really fascinated by ancient cultures and learning new languages. Having visited over 20 countries, surely his photos will inspire you to do what he does!

“The reason I started travelling was because as a kid I taught myself Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and wanted to go to Egypt to read them on the actual monuments. The Korean alphabet and language was another reason why I stayed there so long. I am happy to say that I can speak 4 languages comfortably and I hope to visit all seven continents by the time that I am 30.”

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1. Living in?

Currently traveling around the world

2. From?

South Africa

3. Profession?


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4. Three apps which you are addicted to?

Instagram, VSCO Cam
& Whatsapp

5. Favorite part of your body?

My back

6. Which part of a hot guy catches your eye the most?

His beautiful skin 🙂

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7. Three things which will get you into bed?

Big Chest, Bubble Butt and a lot of compliments haha 😛 😛

8. Your weirdest turn on?

guys with interesting accent

9. The strangest place you have done it?

A former bf and I were on a beach holiday once and we decided to break into a stranger’s beach house so we could do it in their outdoor shower!

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10. Three qualities in your perfect boyfriend?

Supportive, Independent
& Drama-free

11. Dealbreaker (Something he does which prevents you dating him)?

Gross sounds when they eat haha

12. How long have you been single?

Two and a half years

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13. Three reasons to visit?

1. Its electricity anytime in neighbourhoods like Hongdae or Gangnam. It feels as if it is constantly changing and modern while there is concerted effort to honour the past and traditions.
2. The food! delicious full pork Kimchi Jiggae (stew) with rice and gim (seaweed) or even something simple like Tteokboki (spicy rice cake). Off course most people will want to try Korean bbq when they visit so my suggestion is to try Palsaek Samgyeopsal (팔색삼겹살) so you can try eight different marinades for the yummy pork belly.
And 3. the gorgeous men. haha 😉

14. When is the best time to visit?

I’d say Spring or Autumn so you can either see the city pink with cherry blossoms or red with autumn leaves

15. What’s your recommended must do attraction?

 The Itaewon Halloween party each year is pretty incredible, the streets are flooded with insane costumes. If you can’t make Halloween then Dongdaemoon Design Plaza is a good place to take cool insta pics 🙂

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16. Favorite night to party?

Friday & Saturday night

17. Where would you go?

SoHo and Gray in Itaewon

18. What’s special about it?

I like SoHo cause it’s a nice international mix of guys and I like to dance at Gray cause it’s more muscular crowd

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19. Which neighborhood is best to stay in?

I think Itaewon or HBC is best

20. Whats special about that neighborhood?

Food, food and food!! Anything and everything delicious you can think of is here

21. If you were a tourist visiting which hotel would you stay in?

Grand Hyatt

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Ehrard on coming out & life as a gay man:

“I was very lucky to come out to a supporting family. So while there were some uncomfortable adjustments initially, in general coming out was not difficult for me.
I think coming out is very freeing and helps us get over the shame we have to bear as kids growing up with a big secret.

If we are talking about Seoul, and speaking from the perspective of an expat living there, I’d say dating beyond hooking up is quite difficult. Korea is still very conservative with regards to homosexuality so its very hush-hush still and as such dating publicly is not super easy.

I hate that gay men are often quite bitchy, cold and even racist/xenophobic to each other. That people are not more welcoming and embracing of the differences within the community that makes it so wonderful to be gay.

I love that being gay has driven me to seek out something beyond what I might have done if I were straight, in terms of easily getting a 9 to 5 job, getting married and having kids. While not the only reason, but largely, being gay has afforded me the opportunity to live in Cape Town, Korea and even Sicily. I have met so many incredible, talented and beautiful people on my travels and have had so many wonderful experiences because I couldn’t just settle where I grew up. I worked as a writer, teacher, dancer and personal trainer all on this amazing journey. That is what I think can be pretty great about being gay.”

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