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21 Questions with Bachelor of the Week

Titan, a talented Taiwanese artist who’s passionate about graphic design and singing. He loves to smile and believes that everything will always end up OK! Find out about him below and don’t forgot to check out his signing videos on Facebook.

“I love to travel, photo shooting, music and especially singing. You could see some clips on my FB or Instagram 🙂 I’m a very shy guy (at first) but actually I’m talkative. Oh! if you have anything interesting & cool please share with me.”

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1. Living in?


2. From?

Taipei, Taiwan

3. Profession?

graphic designer
& street artist (singer)

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4. Three apps which you are addicted to?

Facebook, Snapseed
& Instagram

5. Favorite part of your body?

My eyes … Lol

6. Which part of a hot guy catches your eye the most?

His big smile and also his big arms

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7. Three things which will get you into bed?

chemistry, good talk
& music

8. Your weirdest turn on?

I really like the confidence he spreads through his talking

9. The strangest place you have done it?

A cabin in the wild in Norway

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10. Three qualities in your perfect boyfriend?

a. full of passion to his/our lives
b. sense of humor
c. could workout together 😉

11. Dealbreaker (Something he does which prevents you dating him)?

Being arrogant

12. How long have you been single?

Couple of months 🙁

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13. Three reasons to visit?

a. you could easily plan for city
& countryside
b. LGBT friendly
c. Night markets for yummy local food, like beef noodle and minced pork & rice

14. When is the best time to visit?

All year around, I’m serious 😉

15. What’s your recommended must do attraction?

Taipei 101, the red house
& Dihua street

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16. Favorite night to party?

Definitely on Friday
& Saturday

17. Where would you go?

lol, actually I seldom go clubbing
but The Red House
& Abrazo are the one you must go

18. What’s special about it?

Basically, there will be lots of fresh meat! lol

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19. Which neighborhood is best to stay in?

Ximen or Xinyi district

20. Whats special about that neighborhood?

Convenient for shopaholics
& party boys 😉

21. If you were a tourist visiting which hotel would you stay in?

I would recommend emba hotel, It’s convenient and close to the urban area in the city

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Titan on coming out & life as a gay man:

“My life hasn’t changed much since I came out but I’ve learned how to protect myself and get stronger from negative vibes. Fortunately, Taiwan is very gay friendly, especially in Taipei. Same-sex marriage equality might be legally in the next few years, let’s celebrate!

My favorite parts about being gay & living a gay lifestyle is that most gay men love to workout and keep themselves in perfect condition. And the part that I don’t like is gossiping or talking back to others but I guess it happens to all genders, right?”

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