Wakey-wakey! Hope you all had a fantastic splash during the day and did not miss a chance to became a good girl gone WILD last night. Well well well, you can do it again and hell no, we ain’t gonna sleep tonight (Like a slumber party).

Bear Behaving Badly? Well, you will find out today at Bear Pool Party from 1am to 7pm at U Sathorn Hotel. Seems like bears need hugs very badly!

Ian Carr Super Songkran SK11 Asia Biggest Gay Party gCircuit BKK
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Didn’t make it to gCircuit SK11 last night? Two more chances only, so don’t mess it up again. Super Power at the Main Party tonight (7pm to 2am, April 15th) at 22nd Floor, Centara Grand Hotel at CentralWorld.

Super Power Main Party Super Songkran SK11 gCircuit
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Doors open at 7pm (as always), but believe us, there is only one good reason to turn up early.

Blued Gay Dating App gCircuit Songkran Party SK11
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Like…this good!

Hot Asian Guys No. 1 Gay Party gCircuit Songkran Party BKK
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Or damn good excuses to miss the party and performances inside for those chest & abs outfits to selfie with.

Asia Biggest Gay Dance festival Super Songkran gCircuit SK11 Cityxent
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Who doesn’t love eye candy and some freebie from each party booth that could be handy or needed later on. Right? lol

Centara Grand Gay Friendly Hotel Central World BKK gCircuit Songkran Party SK11
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Songkran is a beautiful festival that requires safer and more acceptable forms of celebration.

Songkran Pool Party World Biggest Water Fight Festival Bangkok
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It’s the world’s biggest water fight festival, so boys should know what best to wear to get (that) girl’s attention #PhotoBomb

Janjep Hot Pinoy Instagram Celebrate Songkran BKK gCircuit Gay Event
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or tips to wear for thousands of likes on your Instagram #BigGun lol.

Dominic Gay Bangkok World Biggest Water Fight Festival
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Last night behind the stage – WILD AT HEART!

Rachata Hot Go go dancer gCircuit Super Songkran SK11 Gay Party
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here comes the incredible lighting, sounds, inspiring costumes and the dance on the stage that entertains you so well.

Jackjohnsons Gay Bangkok Super Songkran gCircuit 2017
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Don’t miss Boy Pool Party tomorrow, once again at U Sathorn Hotel (1pm to 7am, April 16th). Asia’s biggest gay dance festival brings 70 models to the final night at Ink the Closing Party (7pm to 2am, April 16th) at 22nd Floor, Centara Grand Hotel at CentralWorld. Update gCircuit party schedule here.

Ink Closing Party gCircuit Songkran Gay Dance Festival
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We hope you’re getting so wet, soaking wet and keep enjoying that WET! Two more nights are coming your way, let’s make the most of it and get together. Enjoy the incredible experience and we look forward to be here with you again next year, happy weekend to gCircuit lovers and Songkraners!

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