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While more than 42 million annual visitors are coming to Philadelphia to check out the city’s attractions. We found a hot single guy to share his thoughts and travel tips. Ever wonder which of the area’s spots get the most visits per year? Nak has the answer and why you should hit his town, we hope you enjoy it.

“I’m on my third year at Temple University, pursuing a career in Computer Science. I am currently working as a sale consultant for Travelex Worldwide Money. ?? I love telling stories either through photos or videos, captioning a moment that I’d want to remember and share. My definition of traveling is to get lost in a city on feet, explore… learn… adapt…”

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1. Living in?

Philadelphia, USA

2. From?

Born and raised in Cambodia

3. Profession?

Sale Consultant and Computer Scientist

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4. Three apps which you are addicted to?

Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube (still trying to learn how to use Twitter ?)

5. Favorite part of your body?

My Jet Black hair

6. Which part of a hot guy catches your eye the most?

Jawline, eyes, eyebrows and a nice set of white teeth

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7. Three things which will get you into bed?

Bubble-butt, big legs, and yummy foods ?

8. Your weirdest turn on?

Guys with deep voice

9. The strangest place you have done it?

School library ?

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10. Three qualities in your perfect boyfriend?

Active, photography lover, extrovert, funny and more, coz perfect guy can’t just have three great qualities lol

11. Dealbreaker (Something he does which prevents you dating him)?

Bad personal hygiene, lazy, and boring personality

12. How long have you been single?

I’ve been in relationship with myself for the past 20s years, coz no one has treated me better.

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13. Three reasons to visit?

Its rich history, amazing museums, Penn’s Landing for beautiful river view – there’s always something going on at the river sidewalk, and Philly cheesesteak is the best cheesesteak, you must try!

14. When is the best time to visit?

September because the weather is great, usually around 70 °F (21 °C)

15. What’s your recommended must-do attraction?

Reading Terminal market, Rocky steps/Art museum, outdoor museum, the Liberty bell, Famous LOVE sign, many great restaurants in Chinatown, and Green eggs cafe (famous for brunch)

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16. Favorite night to party?

The best night to go out is Saturday because everyone’s plans for Sunday is to have a hangover ✌? hehe

17. Where would you go?

T.O.C. for great music and Woody’s is getting better

18. What’s special about it?

TOC is a relatively new gay bar, it has great music, nice bar and good lookin people ? Woody is an iconic gay bar that has been in Philly for a very long time. It has a bar and awesome throwback songs on the ground floor, and it also has two disco dance rooms on the second floor. Both are great for a good night out.

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19. Which neighborhood is best to stay in?

Center City of Philly

20. What’s special about that neighborhood?

It’s like NYC but with a lot less people and tourists

21. If you were a tourist visiting which hotel would you stay in?

Loews Philadelphia Hotel because it’s located in the center of everything

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