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How does a free wedding for 14 people with a two-night luxury stay at The Lodge in Scotland (Mon 20th – Wed 22nd November 2017) sound to you? If you’re a soft-hearted dreamer who wants to ensure that your wedding vows are heartfelt and touching. Here are some samples of romantic vibes from our community to get you started. CLOSING DATE: 30 April 2017, your chance to win a dream wedding is right here & right now!

Patrick and Renato Most Romantic Gay Wedding Ever - The Lodge Treehouse Scotland (1)
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Patrick & Renato – Chic, Memorable & Perfect

Moment of the day? This is a hard question because there are so many moments! We wrote our own vows and there was not a single dry eye during the ceremony, which was really emotional, but the speeches our moms gave were amazing!
Big or Small? We invited more than 300 people but most of them were from abroad since Renato is from Brazil. So at the end, 160 people attended our wedding. We are lucky we didn’t have any issues/problems as it was a gay wedding, everyone was just as excited and happy as we were.
Three wedding plan tips? Find a good party planner, trust your vendors and keep calm. Planning a wedding can be stressful but it’s also fun, enjoy the process!
Choosing your perfect venue? Renato had some very specific ideas and Patrick went along with it. He always pictured an outdoor wedding. Since Patrick’s family lives in the wine country so we thought about a California Winery.
When & Where? Our Venue was Chateau St. Jean in Sonoma, California, the United States during Spring.

Win Treehouse Gay Wedding The Lodge on Loch Goil Most Inspiring David & Huey
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Huy & David – Warm, Simple & Cozy

Moment of the day? It definitely was the ring exchange, Huy had trouble putting the ring on David and everyone had a good laugh. Also, we kissed before we were allowed by the judge because we were too excited.
Big or Small? Our family was perfectly fine with the wedding, no problem. It was a small wedding with 45 people. We had brunch after the ceremony and a reception at night. The only challenge was the logistics since everyone was from outside the city.
Choosing your perfect venue? We originally wanted the Campbell house historic mansion and we called literally everywhere, it’s super expensive in Toronto.
Three wedding plan tips? Plan at least a year in advance and do it your way!
When & Where? June 20, 2015, we picked a private dining room at a restaurant called “Hush” during summer in Toronto, Canada.

Win Treehouse Wedding The Lodge on Loch Goil Johnny Gay Wedding Inspration
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Johnny & Sebastian – Emotional & Life Changing

Moment of the day? It was a very happy but tearful moment. I had to ask my dear friend to walk me down the aisle because my mother was so resistant and didn’t want to get involved. Her mind changed completely during the actual wedding and she was excited about it and wanted to look her best. I was so overwhelmed that I started to cry uncontrollably. The moment was unforgettable and incredibly special.
Big or Small? 100 guests with our families and friends. Johnny’s Parents were hesitant to come at first. They did not feel comfortable and had not supported the relationship. But once they arrived, the wedding allowed them to meet our friends and witness our relationship in person and that somehow changed their minds.
Three wedding plan tips? Create a budget and try very hard to stick to it. Weddings can be overwhelming and you can very easily get carried away.
Choosing your perfect venue? We went to the Banyan Tree Maradona before and it left such a positive impression on us that we jokingly said we would get married there. When it came time to pick a venue, there was no other place we had in mind.
When & Where? It was in Banyan Tree Manitoba, In Playa del Carmen in Mexico in November 2012.

Beautiful Gay Wedding Article Andreas and Chris Win Luxury Treehouse wedding The Lodge on Loch Goil
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Andi & Chris – LOVE, Happy People & Unforgettable Moments

Moment of the day? Andi’s mum almost couldn’t come on time because of a snowstorm. So they called the police for help to toiled them out of the chaos to the wedding by the police escort. With all helped for Andi’s family to be on time so he could hug his mum. Otherwise, he wouldn’t get married without her.
Big or Small? It was quite big in the end with over a hundred people from our families and friends. Our families had no problems at all at our wedding. Everybody was so touched because of our love and wedding.
Three wedding plan tips? Try to create a “not too gay – atmosphere”. No need to be the party focus and be as simple as possible. Start early to plan, time is running fast!
Choosing your perfect venue? We wanted something really modern, the place we could dance and party over the roof of Graz.
When & Where? 17 Dec 2011 at an old castle called Schlossberg Restaurant during winter in Graz, Austria.

Steve & Cormac Gay Celebration Win The Lodge on Loch Goil Treehouse wedding
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Steve & Cormac – Made Fetch Happen (we had a mean girl themed table plan)

Moment of the day? Our favourite moment was listening to the seven hilarious and heartfelt speeches from our friends and each other. Living in Leeds but having grown up in different parts of the world it’s rare to have all your favourite people under one roof and we loved it.
Big or Small? We had a full day event and had 150 guests for both the ceremony and reception. Both our families were incredibly accepting of us and excited for our wedding in the lead-up.
Three wedding plan tips? Ditch the yawn-inducing traditions, celebrate your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent and throw a party to remember! It can seem overwhelming at times but just remember why you’re getting married rather than getting absorbed with silly details. You’ll have all the people you love in one room so have the best time and party like a rock-star!
Choosing your perfect venue? We aren’t a traditional couple and wanted our wedding to reflect that. The team was completely accepting of all the little eccentricities we introduced to our wedding day. It really makes a difference to the day when you know you have a staff to rely on to make sure things run smoothly.
When & Where? It was a beautiful sunny spring day on Sunday the 9th of March, 2017. East Riddlesden Hall, West Yorkshire, England.

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Tips to win “My advice to you all out there who wish to take part, take your time write the truth about how you met and what your dreams are for your future together and tell me why I should choose you!”

Your chance to win a dream wedding is right here & right now!

CLOSING DATE: Sunday 30 April 2017

Win Wonderful Luxury Treehouse Gay Wedding The Lodge on Loch Goil Scotland

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