When you hear the word ‘self-care,’ the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a pretty lady in the bathrobe reading Camus. The term should not only be applied to women, though. 

For some reason, a lot of kids are not allowed to like pink color, play with Barbie dolls, ask for help, and express their true emotions in front of others. Cultural expectations for masculine identity building are still pretty tough.

‘You are a boy. Boys don’t cry.’ 

Men should break out of the “man box” and start practicing self-care. They deserve having their own quality time just as much as women, and they should not be judged for that. According to research conducted in 2015, men who live according to a rigid construct of the cultural idea about their identity are more likely to have depression. 

Self-care, in turn, helps people improve their life satisfaction and boost self-confidence. Here is how men can focus on themselves and get more pleasure out of everyday life:

Improve Your Health

Mental and physical health are the two pillars of self-care and well-being. It’s difficult (almost impossible) to control everything that is happening in your life. However, you are able to gain control over your mind and your body. It might also sound impossible to some people, but it’s a matter of time and determination.

You can start with small things like finding your favorite sport and working out more often. Regular physical activity will help you to relieve stress, get in shape, and improve your mood quickly. 

Besides workout routine, make sure to get a good night’s sleep, drink a lot of water, and break nasty habits such as drinking caffeine in the evening, or smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. 

Enhance Your Look

Men are also self-conscious about their appearance, they just are not allowed to admit it. One study showed that every fourth man doesn’t like how he looks. Needless to say, it makes these men feel unhappy and can negatively affect their self-esteem. To feel better in your own skin, start taking care of the details. 

Besides a healthy diet and regular exercise, make sure to build a skincare routine. Consider making an appointment with a dermatologist for adult acne. Also, you should find the right face cream and use the best razors for acne-prone skin.

Moreover, get rid of the unweeded garden below your eyes and nose hair. These little changes will improve your look almost instantly. 

Last but not least, start dressing strategically in order to appreciate how you are built. If fashion is not really your thing and you hate shopping malls with all your heart, consider hiring a personal shop assistant for a day and allow them to find clothes that will fit you. 

Maintain a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

If you want to feel better physically, choose carefully what you put on your plate. It doesn’t mean you have to hate yourself over extra calories. The active lifestyle will help you to burn them anyway.

To maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, make sure to cut down on saturated fat, salt, and sugar. Also, it’s crucial to include more fruits, vegetables, and fiber in your daily meal plan. It’s better if you write down a meal plan for a day and learn how to cook for yourself. 

Be social

According to research, being social helps to improve mental and physical health. That’s why you should always find some time for your friends and family members. In case you don’t have enough social engagement, consider volunteering or getting to know your coworkers.

Keeping in touch with people you like will help you feel needed and have lots of fun. You can say that you are busy at work, or you can take a break and spend an evening chatting about little things with your friends. You choose.

Keep a Journal

A lot of legendary people had a journal – Frida Kahlo, Thomas Edison, and Charles Darwin. It has been proven that keeping a journal helps to organize thoughts, relieve stress, and get a new perspective on your life. 

Writing your thoughts and recent events will improve your mental health. Help yourself during difficult times without paying a fortune for psychological sessions. 

To start a new routine, you need to pick the time and find a place where you can write down your thoughts and ideas in silence. 

Learn How to De-stress

Men have a lot of social pressure. For instance, they are not only allowed to express their true feelings when it gets difficult. Moreover, they need to perform well at work, financially support their family, be sexually attractive, etc. 

If you feel this pressure, take some time to de-stress. Giving yourself a break from time to time will help you restore your energy levels and improve your well-being. So, take a day off once in a while and do something that will make you happy. Remember, self-care is not selfish.