We hope you’re ready for more! Here are 18 party pics from this year to help you get ready for the new year countdown, let’s start!

18. It’s the final night of WHITE PARTY BANGKOK.

Hot Asian Gay Couple
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17. Start getting ready now, the party will start in a few hours.

Hot Instagram Gay Couple
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16. Another night to get some free shit from these hotties

Adorable Asian Guy and Goodies
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15. And your last chance to get some photos for your Instagram!

Hot Thai Men Gay Party Guide
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14. Everybody will be wearing white/nude

White Party Bangkok 2018
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13. Seriously, everyone

Adorable Asian Gay Couple
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12. Even this guy (guess, toilet shots are still HOT?)

Cute Asian Guy Toilet Selfie
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11. Get ready to meet, greet and more with this sexy crowd!

Hot Asian Men Selfie
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10. For some selfies with old and new friends

Hot Asian Men New year Party
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9. Or a chance to meet gorgeous dancers in their not-much-to-wear outfits

White Party BKK go go boy 2018
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8. Of course, there will be WP’s signature fierce performances on stage and impressive production

Hot Go Go Asian Male Dancers
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7. This is what you came for last night and we shall do it again.

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6. This year’s AGM amazed us with the superstar performer Alexandra Burke!

Alexandra Burke Live in BKK White Party 2018
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5. Singing her big hit #BadBoys

Hot Gay Asian White Party BKK 2018
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4. Last year’s crowd for the rooftop party

Rooftop Gay Event WP BKK Thailand
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3. was made even BIGGER this year.

Gay Party Guide WP BKK 2018
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2. #WPBKK is here!

Big Fan White Party Bangkok 2018
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1. Don’t miss the chance to dance and countdown among this great crowd!

Cute Asian Boys White Party BKK 2018
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We hope you’re enjoying Bangkok and all the previous parties (so far). Tonight is your last chance, so make it count. Let’s enjoy it with many amazing DJs and performances, are you ready for it? Grap your ticket here.

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