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Lux Hotels

The Upper House gay hotel Hong Kong

The Upper House

5 Star Gay Friendly Hotel 60 meters

Best For: Classic Gents & Elegant Luxury
Wow: Big Rooms, Sleek Design & Sea Views
Area: Admiralty; Luxury Address on HK Island
Facts: 117 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI

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    W Hong Kong Gay Hotel

    W Hotel Hong Kong

    5 Star Gay Friendly Hotel 50 meters

    Best For: Urban Glamour & Design Lovers
    Wow: Panoramic Rooftop Pool & Gay Popular
    Area: West Kowloon; Harbor Side Mainland
    Facts: 393 Rooms | No free room WIFI | Pool

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      LFK Gay Hotel Nightlife

      Hotel LKF By Rhombus

      5 Star Gay Friendly Hotel 350 meters

      Best For: Luxury Loving & Party Dudes
      Wow: Rooftop Bar & Nightlife Central
      Area: LKF; HK Island, Party Street
      Facts: 95 Rooms | No free in-room WIFI

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        Unique Hotels

        Mira Moon Gay Hong Kong Hotel

        Mira Moon Design Hotel

        5 Star Gay Friendly Hotel 450 meters

        Best For: Stylish Chinese Boutique Hotel
        Wow: Modern Cultural Décor & Huge Beds
        Area: Causeway Bay; Luxury Shops HK Island
        Facts: 91 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI

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          Gay Hotel Hong Kong

          Ovolo Southside Design Hotel

          4 Star Gay Friendly Hotel 5.9 KM

          Best For: Explorers; Warehouse Turned Hotel
          Wow: Views, Rooftop Bar & Free Mini Bar
          Area: HK Island South Side; Escape central HK
          Facts: 162 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI

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            Mira Hong Kong Design Hotel

            The Mira Hotel Design Hotel

            5 Star Gay Friendly Hotel 250 meters

            Best For: Contemporary Asian Urban Hotel
            Wow: Michelin Buffet & Cool Room Gadgets
            Area: Central Kowloon (TST); HK Mainland
            Facts: 492 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI | Pool

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              Comfort Hotels

              Bishop Lei International Hong Kong Gay Hotel

              Bishop Lei International

              4 Star Gay Friendly Hotel 750 meters

              Best For: Affordable Comfort & Convenience
              Wow: Gay Popular, Views & Compact Rooms
              Area: Mid-levels; HK Island, Walk to LKF Party
              Facts: 227 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI | Pool

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                60 West Suites Gay Hotel HK

                60 West Suites Hotel

                4 Star Gay Friendly Hotel 650 meters

                Best For: Value for Money Accommodation
                Wow: Apartment Style, Big Rooms, Location
                Area: Soho; HK Island, Walk to Gay Bars
                Facts: 60 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI

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                  iclub Sheung Wan Gay-party hotel Hong Kong

                  iclub Sheung Wan

                  4 Star Gay Friendly Hotel 400 meters

                  Best For: Relaxing Theme in Gay Town
                  Wow: Great Value in Gay HK Scene
                  Area: Soho; HK Island, Walk to Gay Bars
                  Facts: 248 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI

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                    Budget Hotels

                    Sheung Wan Gay Party Hotel

                    Travelodge Central, Hollywood Road

                    4 Star Gay Party Hotel 600 meters

                    Best For: Budget Party Guys
                    Wow: Location, Value, Nightlife & Gadgets
                    Area: Soho; HK Island, Walk to Gay Bars/LKF
                    Facts: 148 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI

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                      LKF Hong Kong Gay Party Hotel

                      Mini Hotel Central

                      Three-Star-Accommodation-Gay-Friendly 270 meters

                      Best For: Budget Party Street Hotel
                      Wow: Party Location & Value, Compact Rooms
                      Area: LFK; HK Island, Walk to Gay Bars/LKF
                      Facts: 196 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI

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                        Asia Inn Hong Kong

                        Asia Inn

                        One Star Budget Hotel Gay Friendly 30 meters

                        Best For: True Budget Travelers
                        Wow: Value for Money, Convenient Location
                        Area: Central Kowloon (TST); HK Mainland
                        Facts: 7 Rooms | Free in-room WIFI

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                          Gay Hotel Hong Kong

                          Our hand-picked collection of gay hotel Hong Kong offer the best the city has to offer. Team Passport has personally visited every single hotel to ensure you have the best possible experience.

                          The tall, hot, steel jungle that is Hong Kong city has become famous as a business hub and it’s skyline however beyond this is a city with cultural, passion, hidden quiet beaches, and a small but vibrant gay scene. The gay scene focuses on a few gay bars and clubs, numerous gay saunas but there are no outright gay hotels in Hong Kong. Most gay visitors to Hong Kong hotels experience no problems with regards to their sexuality, of course, all the large hotel chains bring their international policies.

                          People are not kidding when they say Hong Kong is small and intense. The average Hong Kong hotel room is very small but don’t be turned off, as people say “it’s not the size….it’s how you use it that is important”! With 7 million people living in one of the most densely populated areas of the world, space is a luxury and luxuries are expensive, especially for Hong Kong hotels.

                          Soho & LFK – HK Island | Party Gay Hotel Hong Kong

                          If you like to party book a hotel in this part of town. Just like other big cities, Soho named after (South of Hollywood Road) famous landmark, has become popular with the local gay community. Soho is centrally located on Hong Kong Island between the Central-Mid-Levels escalator. The area has become somewhat of a hip district with the best of Hong Kong’s, entertainment, gay and straight nightlife, restaurants, shops, galleries and gay-friendly hotels.

                          Soho is home to some of the city’s best gay venues such Zoo HK one of the main attractions on Hong Kong’s gay bar street Jervois Street.

                          Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) the center of Hong Kong’s nightlife with over 90 restaurants and bars packed into a couple of streets just meters from HK Central Station. LKF Bars’s can range from stylish wine venues to crazy jelly shots and the people are just as diverse. The biggest gay hits in LKF are Oosh, Linq and Backroom.

                          If you have visited Hong Kong and want share your knowledge, please drop your recommendations for best gay hotel Hong Kong to our editorial team at info@TheGayPassport.com.

                          Causeway Bay – HK Island | Gay Hotel Hong Kong

                          A great base, ideal of sightseeing, shopping, saunas, and a quick taxi to the party. Causeway Bay is famous as one of Hong Kong’s most popular shopping districts, with all the luxury brands, high-rise malls, Japanese department stores. The area offers a great selection of restaurants from local back-streets to mall food to luxury restaurants.

                          Causeway bay is also home to a large concentration of gay saunas and spas. While the main gay bars and clubs are only four stops away by MRT to reach Sheung Wan Station in Soho for its gay nightlife. After the party, it’s a quick and reasonably priced taxi ride back.

                          Kowloon – Mainland HK | Gay Hotel Hong Kong

                          Opposite Hong Kong Island on the mainland is Kowloon. Although it’s located on the other side of the harbor it’s easy to travel between the island and mainland via the MRT underground and the ferries. At night when the MRT is closed taxis and buses are the only options. Don’t let the distance put you off, Kowloon has a huge array of shops, restaurants and hotels.

                          Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀) (TST) located at the end of Kowloon Peninsula, is a major tourist area. The top-floor bars on this side are perfect for watching over the neon-lit Victoria Harbour. Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀) and Mong Kok (旺角), further north on Kowloon peninsula, are home to numerous gay saunas and a few gay bars.